Photography Education

13 Photography Portfolio Tips for impressing clients in 2023

A solid photography portfolio is important for demonstrating your skills as a professional photographer and attracting new clients. However, it can be difficult to decide what should be included in your portfolio due to the ...

Family Photography

Capturing the Precious Moments: Newborn Photography Guide

Newborn photography is a beautiful way to seize the precious moments of a baby’s early life.

Photography Education

Pose like a Professional: 30+ Male Modeling Poses

As a photographer, covering the technical aspects of photography can be very easy with the amount of free knowledge available on the internet.

Photography Education

Monetizing Your Passion: Guide to Making Money as a Photographer

Initially, making a living as a professional photographer can be challenging, as photography is a highly competitive industry. However, it is possible to turn your love of photography into a profitable career with the right ...

Photo Culling

Why Photo Mechanic is Not Enough: Discover the Benefits of FilterPixel

Developed by Camera Bits, ‘Photo Mechanic’ was a staple and one of the most iconic applications for photo management in the photography industry.

Photo Management

How to Organize Photos with Photo Management App?

Organizing photos is an essential aspect of photography. No matter if you are a professional photographer or an amateur, organizing the images you capture is important so as not to miss out on important memories.

Photo Culling

11 Best AI & Non-AI Photo Culling Software in 2023

This guide showcases the best photo culling software available for professional and amateur photographers in 2023 for speeding up their workflow.

Family Photography

What should be the Camera Settings for Family Photography?

Understanding how camera settings work is important if you want to shoot properly exposed photos. If you are all set with your equipment, it is now time to put them to good use with the best camera settings for taking family ...

photo editing

Is there an alternative to Lightroom for photographers?

Adobe Lightroom has always been the most popular software used by professional photographers to edit and manage large catalogs of images.