Family Photography

What should be the Camera Settings for Family Photography?

Understanding how camera settings work is important if you want to shoot properly exposed photos. If you are all set with your equipment, it is now time to put them to good use with the best camera settings for taking family ...

photo editing

Is there an alternative to Lightroom for photographers?

Adobe Lightroom has always been the most popular software used by professional photographers to edit and manage large catalogs of images.

photo editing

Best Free Photo Editing Software For Mac Users

This article lists free photo editing software available for Mac users along with their advantages and disadvantages.

FilterPixel Updates

FilterPixel 2.2.11 Update NEO

What’s new in FilterPixel 2.2.11 update? FilterPixel Neo Update. FilterPixel has launched its latest version 2.2.11, named “Neo”, recently for Mac and Windows, and it came with major design changes and some exciting new features.

Photography Education

Learn Lightroom CC (Lightroom in Cloud ) – Processing Overview

Learn Lightroom CC (Lightroom in Cloud ) – Processing Overview In the last post, we have seen how we can achieve an effective photo culling workflow. We have discussed our research study on the most important questions and their ...