Photo Culling

The Secret Behind The Fastest Photo Culling Process

Photo culling is a tedious & tiring process of going through thousands of photos & deciding which one to keep. The process involves checking every photo for technical checks such as out-of-focus, blurry or blinks & ...

FilterPixel Updates

How to install and run FilterLR plugin inside Lightroom Classic?

FilterLR is an AI photo-culling plugin available for Lightroom Classic. To download the FilterLR plugin, please join our FilterPixel beta slack group.

photo editing

The Complete Guide on Editing Photos in Lightroom (With Examples)

In this blog, we will cover step-by-step how to edit photos in Lightroom and all the settings available for editing photos.

Photography Website

7 Ways To Increase Your Photography Website Conversions

You’ve spent years learning your craft as a photographer, and you’ve invested hours into building a photography website for your business. And while you are getting a steady amount of traffic to your photography website, you ...

FilterPixel Updates

What’s new in FilterPixel Update 2.2.4? Major Assist Update.

FilterPixel 2.2.4 update has been rolled out for macOS and Windows. This update has brought major changes to the latest feature- “FilterPixel Assist” which launched in the previous update along with a new Undo feature and some ...

Photography Education

200+ Photography Quotes for Photographers: Inspiration to Elevate Your Craft

Artists are not perfect. Sometimes they need a little inspiration or a word of encouragement when they are not feeling motivated.

Photography Education

11 best Photography Podcasts to listen in 2023

Podcasts are the newest form of entertainment in the photography industry. Not only are they fun to listen to, but they also provide tons of knowledge and ideas to young creative minds of up-and-bringing photographers.

Photography Workflow

9 Best Photo Culling Software Workflows in 2023

This blog discusses the various Photo Culling workflow available for photographers.

photo editing

9 Popular Photo Editing Styles for Photographers: 2023

Having a unique photo editing style can help photographers differentiate themselves from other photographers. This also tells much about the photographer and his vision as an artist.

Photo Culling

How To Cull Your Photos 10X Faster – Anthony Turnham

Hours of screentime! Zooming In & Out! Flagging Favourites! Lots and Lots of Coffee! No time for Family!