The Best Photo Culling Software To Boost Productivity

FilterPixel's AI Powered Software automates the photo culling process, so you can spend more time doing what you love
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Import raw files into FilterPixel or into our Lightroom plug-in

FilterPixel is available as a desktop app and a plug-in for Lightroom, meaning you can implement powerful AI tools directly into your existing workflow.
import your images to filterpixel photo culling software

Cull your photos, so you can focus on the art

With the help of AI, FilterPixel automates your culling through through of photos, saving you hours. It automatically tags:
  • Out of Focus Subjects
  • Extreme Exposures
  • Closed Eyes
process your imported images in photo culling software

Continue fine-tuning your results or jump into editing

Perfect your photo culling results and seamlessly sync your photos with your Lightroom catalogue instantly.