Best Couple Poses & Locations for capturing the romance

Best Couple Poses & Locations for capturing the romance

Assuming you have read our blog article on how to pose men for best photos from our Ultimate Guide for Family Photographers, it is now time to move on to the next piece- posing couples in romance!

Couple-photoshoots are more popular than ever before, thanks to everyone sharing pictures of their lives on social media. That’s fantastic news for photographers: couple portrait photography is a fantastic money generator and will provide you with some fantastic portrait images to add to your web portfolio. You can assist your subjects to feel like the best version of themselves and this is what will keep them coming back for more shoots.

Mastering entertaining, appealing couple photography positions is, without a doubt, a career-boosting skill that’s well worth acquiring. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, which will provide you with a wealth of advice and ideas for couple photoshoots, ensuring that your next couple portrait session is a huge success!

1. Home is where the heart is

There are many beautiful places to shoot couples, but sometimes the ideal spot to do so is right at home - after all, home is where the heart resides. For a meaningful touch, take photos of them in their favorite areas around the house.

Some of the best couple photos out there involve the couple lying down. The nicest results come from shooting overhead.

They can be looking at the camera or each other, and they can be laying side by side or even in opposite directions with their faces next to each other. Outdoors or at home, these images can turn out to look playful. Every couple likes to look back and remember fun moments like these. There are some great portrait photo accessories out there that will make this type of shot even easier to capture.

Credits: Pexels

2. It’s a Sunny Day

As the sun sets on the horizon, capture the couple in love surrounded by soft light and sprawling skies. Try silhouettes to create dramatic scenes straight out of a movie. A golden hour or the magic hour can make the photos turn out beautiful if you know how to make use of it.

Get them to talk about something meaningful to them, like their first date. Just keep shooting and look for those moments where they forget about the camera.

3. Hello, Darkness- my old friend!

A dark and somber motif, give their romance a distinct vibe. Rather than warm grins and pleasant touches, have them strike serious positions to represent the chilly intensity of a long-simmering love.

To create some dramatic, intimate tension between the couple, get them close to each other as if they’re about to kiss, but without actually kissing. Have them lock eyes and suspend that moment of tension before a kiss as it will result in some truly moving couple portraits that they will undoubtedly treasure in the future. The best couple photoshoots convey a wide range of emotions in their images, so try to incorporate some more intimate couple poses in between the fun and playful ones as well.

4. It’s the details

Capture the little things that show their love for one another. It’s not as expressive as looking into each other’s eyes, but it’s a meaningful reflection on the small moments that define their relationship.

Close-ups of small details, such as their intertwined hands, will delight your clients. Close-up images will also give them a welcome break from having to strike all those couples poses, so incorporate this into your shoot when you feel it’s appropriate.

5. Break a leg

Dancing is a great way to relax and have fun. It will help remove any nervous jitters as well. Play some groovy music and let them dance to the beat. It’s sure to elicit genuine smiles and laughter — keep your finger on the shutter to ensure you don’t miss anything!

Basic things like a spin can look dynamic and fun on camera, and remember: capturing the candid moments between these cute couple poses is the key to a super successful couple photoshoot, so just keep snapping away!

6. Looking like a couple

Capture the similarities that the couples share. It could be anything from matching clothes to tattoos, to doing the same hobbies together, whether it’s a sport, cooking together, or hiking, try incorporating it into your couple’s photoshoot. When they’re doing that, they’re likely to forget about the shoot and become completely immersed in the moment. That’s a recipe for a stunning couple portrait!

Make use of the color wheel to create complementary dresses. Avoid velvets, and horizontal stripes. Learn more about the art of wearing clothes that look great on camera here.

7. Head to the Library

Books can be great visual tools for photoshoots. Find books with appropriate titles and use them to convey a message or a mood.

Many people prefer to sit rather than stand, particularly at the start of a shoot before they’ve let loose. Within sitting couple shoot poses, there is a lot of variation. You can have one partner rest their head on the other’s shoulder, or you can make them talk a little and see if they laugh. They could also be looking into the camera or at each other.

Sitting couple photography poses cause people to be less self-conscious of their bodies and what they’re doing with their hands, so you’re more likely to capture some beautiful, authentic moments with these couple poses.

8. City Lights are so magical

Cityscapes can be as mesmerizing as natural landscapes. Shimmering city lights and neon signs at night can bring amazing effects to the couple’s photos. Take a few shots in a cute couple pose; whether it’s the two of them smiling, sharing a kiss, or just looking at peace with their eyes closed.

You could also begin by having the couple walk away. You can either take a close-up shot of their heads or upper bodies, or you can take a wider shot, capturing the surroundings may add a lot of romance to your image. Shooting from a closer distance or zooming in can result in a more intimate couple portrait. Play around with it, and you’re bound to get some amazing results.

Learn the easiest and most beautiful poses to execute, right here!

9. A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets

Take it a step further by venturing out into the sea to capture some truly magical images. Prepare your equipment for underwater photography! It’s also an excellent opportunity to take stunning drone photos of the couple and the vast expanse of water surrounding them.

Once the couple is at ease ask them to share a few smooches. Sometimes the kissing couple poses turn out great, but you’ll be surprised to find that the moments just before or after end up being some of your favorite cute couple photos. It’s those little in-between moments that often look the most natural so keep clicking!

10. We create our reality

Create a world in which only the two of them exist. Find whimsical locations and photograph the couple from a distance to emphasize the illusion.

Let the couple know that you’re on their side, and you want to make them look as great as possible. Tell them not to worry about things like stray hairs or awkward couple shoot poses and angles, because you’re there to notice those things and fix them.

11. Prop it up!

Indian Holi colors

Choosing this option could be your best bet for enhancing your photo sessions with truly unique shots. The diverse range of color elements brings out a vibrant and phenomenal feeling to couple photography. Wear white to bring out all of the beautiful colors.


What could be cuter than including pets in the photoshoot? Pets can be counted on to provide unique props for engagement photos. They will help the couple be themselves without the photographer’s direction. The smiles and laughter while playing with them will be unique, and enjoyable and make for great photos.

But capturing the furry friends can be a bit challenging, worry not, we’ve got you covered!


Whether your clients prefer a romantic or fun setting for their engagement sessions, the most important thing is that you capture all of the beautiful and natural moments they will remember forever.

After you have mastered taking portraits during the golden hour, make sure to check out our next blog on “Best Location Ideas for family photography” from our Ultimate Guide for Family Photographers.

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