FilterPixel Release Notes

FilterPixel Release Notes


  • FilterPIxel proprietary AI is able to detect and seperates Hugs, Kisses, Babies, Dancing and makeup/getting ready photos
  • A better user experience while selecting images in grid view (Ctrl/Cmd + Click)
  • AI Autoselect Algorithm is now even more accurate.
  • Seamless Drag Drop Based Export to Lightroom, CaptureOne, Lightroom Classic integrated.
  • Multiple new filters such as hugs, baby, kisses added
  • Now you can export ratings and states for JPEGs as well
  • FilterPIxel now supports HEIC and PSD images as well
  • Culling Speed has increase by upto 20%, and errors while culling have been resolved


  • AI understands the orientation of your face better, It wont reject faces that are looking sideways or downwards anymore
  • UI enhancements in the Trial screen
  • Overall AI algorithm Improvement. We tweaked our proprietary algorithm to reflect insights it has learnt from our users
  • CR3 Fixes, culling on CR3 images is now faster than ever
  • You can go through your images faster using Filters
  • Culling pausing if computer goes to sleep is now fixed
  • Identifying images that do not have “similar images” is easier now


  • View and search Keyboard shortcuts at just a click whenever you find yourself looking for a fast way to do something
  • Improved App stability
  • Improved Export mechanism and UI
  • Images will only be moved if enough space is present on drive
  • Lighting Fast Face Views, no waiting for seeing your favorite faces FilterPixel instantly render high resolution face views for your perusal
  • Fixing Minor Issues


  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • View your hours saved in the Dashboard


  • FiterPixel has a completely new and innovative design
  • We Bring to you Comparison View, the most intuitive and easy way to compare between similar images (Just Press ‘C’)
  • Navigation through the App has become more easier
  • A smarter smart panel has all the right things in front of you
  • Import of folder is easier
  • Fixes CR3 high resolution rendering bug
  • Thumbnails are bigger so you can select directly from grid view
  • Similar Images, view images similar to the current photo right in front of you (quick tip : press alt + up/down to operate between them)

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