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How FilterPixel Works

FilterPixel’s Photo Culling Software saves your time by classifying technically bad photos as errors & provide smart tools to select best from good photos quickly.

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Import Faster

Drag/Drop your folder for instant RAW file Previews, 10X faster than Adobe Lightroom.

Save your storage as no cache is added to your machine while culling your photos.

Work without the fear of modifying the original RAW file. JPEGs are extracted from your RAW Files before photo culling, keeping your RAW Files untouched.

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Automate Culling Along With Control

Automate the tedious, tiring & time-consuming process of photo culling & maintain full control over the automation.

Select the best in one click

FilterPixel tags out of focus, blurry, blinks automatically with reject & warnings.

It selects the best out of similar shots based on composition, expression, lighting, and 10+ parameters based on your photography genre.

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Everything's better face-to-face

Zooming in and out of photos is a thing of the past. Quickly reference faces in Face View, identifying errors without ever adjusting your workflow.
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Review with a brew

Cull thousands of images in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. And with AI-driven Tags, you can make those crucial decisions faster and easier, for better peace of mind.
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Seamless Integration

Perfect your photo selection and seamlessly sync your photos with Lightroom, PhotoMechanic, Bridge or any other XMP supported editor seamlessly.

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More than a Culling Software

Sure, it does culling but there is a lot more

Autoselect for FilterPixel Culling Software


Cut out the busy work by automatically selecting your best photos with AutoSelect.

Duplicate grouping for Filterpixel culling software


Organise all similar photos together by grouping them automatically in stack of cards.

Metadata Editor for FilterPixel Culling Software

AI Sliders

Get your sharpest photos in miliseconds. Simply, drag a slider to get your sharpest photos.

Modular Layout for FilterPixel Culling Software

Sleek Layout

Why should an artist work on a bulky layout? Get the sleekest layout without distractions & boost your productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use FilterPixel Software?

Once you signup, you can download the software for free upto 14 days, limited to 10000 photos. We have written a quick guide to provide you a walkthrough of the software. Please check it here: How to use FilterPixel: Quick Guide

Which camera files are supported inside FilterPixel Culling Software?

We support all formats from ARW, CR2, CR3, DCR, DNG, JPG, NEF, ORF, PEF, RAF, RAW, RW2 In case, you face any issue, please drop us a note here.

How does it work with your workflow?

FilterPixel seamlessly fits in your workflow. It writes all it's data inside meta files (.XMP) format which any software like Lightroom, PhotoMechanic etc can read. In case, you need 1:1 Onboarding to integrate it your workflow, you can book it here.

How is FilterPixel different from other photo culling softwares?

Traditional Programs give entire control to users over their photo culling but sacrifice productivity as there is no automation. New AI programs take control from the user and give it to AI, acting as a boss for the photographer rather than an assistant. FilterPixel sits in the middle, it automates culling and the photographer has the entire control over the selection process.