Best Photo Mechanic Alternative: AI Photo Culling

Best Photo Mechanic Alternative: AI Photo Culling

PhotoMechanic has established a standard in the photography industry as a culling software. But like each one of us gets old with time, it seems photomechanic is now getting older.

It’s a fast, reliable, cost-effective & well-established standard for culling photos. It was one of the best culling software till AI software started coming into the market.

Over the years, filterpixel has become an efficient alternative to photo mechanic.

Let’s see how FilterPixel beats Photo Mechanic as a culling software.

1. Faster Imports

PhotoMechanic and FilterPixel generate previews in real-time, unlike Lightroom.

Photo Mechanic is famous for its ability to generate fast previews for RAW files. Unlike Lightroom, it renders RAW files faster and almost in real-time.

FilterPixel also generates RAW file previews at the same speed as the photo mechanic, but its RAW preview engine is free for everyone to use.

It means if you need faster previews, metadata information of your files, star rating, or color rate your photos manually, you have to pay 150 USD for Photo Mechanic but 0 USD for FilterPixel.

2. Automated Culling

In Photo Mechanic, you cull your photos manually, with FilterPixel culling is done automatically with Artificial Intelligence.

Whether the number of photos is 500 from a portrait session or 5000 from a wedding, sitting in front of your computer and doing culling has always been painful.

With the photo mechanic, the previews are faster, and hence the pain is reduced a bit, but you still have to check every photo manually for out of focus, blurry, closed eyes, etc.

FilterPixel AI engine rapidly analyses your photos & automatically tags out of focus, closed eyes & blurry shots into errors & warnings.

It saves exponential time as now you can spend all of your time on your good shots.

3. Selecting from Duplicates

Selecting from duplicates or similar images takes a lot of time in photo mechanic.

In FilterPixel, the AI scores every image that makes the decision process extremely easier.

When we have many duplicates, most of our time is spent in decision-making among similar photos. A second opinion is needed often & there is no way to do it inside Photo Mechanic.

With FilterPixel, every photo gets a quality score by AI, which can be used to pick the best one among good ones.

4. Exporting to Lightroom

There is no direct way to take photos into Lightroom from Photo Mechanic.

While FilterPixel provides a single click of selected photos to Lightroom.

This again saves some time & creates a seamless workflow.


Photo Mechanic is a great tool to work with, but it’s old and outdated.

With AI, the tools are getting smarter every day & FilterPixel has taken an edge over Photo Mechanic because of its AI functionalities.

In 2021, where photography is moving towards the latest technologies, a dedicated culling software with AI features is the need of the hour.

And FilterPixel has come a long way to establish trust over its AI & to prove itself as the best alternative to photo mechanic.

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At FilterPixel, we are saving time for photographers by automating the manual & boring culling process. If you are interested, feel free to try our software.

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