7 best tools for efficient Photography Workflow in 2022

7 best tools for efficient Photography Workflow in 2022

When starting out in your professional photography journey, there is a lot of hit and trial involved with the tools and services available in the market.

It can be very time-consuming trying to find the tools which is a perfect fit for your workflow.

Software like Lightroom is a pretty obvious pick as a good margin of photographers trust Lightroom for editing their photos but for other solutions, it can take a lot of research and effort for you to land on the perfect one.

It’s not just beginners but even some experienced photographers switch to another tool when they find it has better features, pricing, or simply less complexity than their current one.

We have noted down the best tools which are guaranteed to make your photography workflow more productive and faster by fitting in seamlessly.

The tools in this list are already helping thousands of photographers all around the world. You will feel more confident in taking on more projects, and with enough experience, raising your prices as well!

Let us take a look at the 7 best tools photographers need to add to their workflow and what magic they do:

  1. Honeybook (CRM)
  2. Calendly (Scheduling meetings)
  3. FilterPixel (AI Culling)
  4. Imagen-AI+ Lightroom (AI Editing)
  5. Pic-time (Online Gallery sharing/ Delivering/ Printing sales)
  6. Squarespace (website management)
  7. Rawsie (Compressing)

CRM: Honeybook

Honeybook is a CRM tool that helps photographers manage all their administrative tasks smoothly while giving customizable options for your brand.

Honeybook logo

Find different templates of proposals to send to your clients. Schedule and book meetings with them without any hassle. Manage and verify your contracts easily and get notified once the client signs.

Honeybook also offers invoices so you can track client journeys and make the process seamless for everyone.

Save time and increase your productivity by automating emails & tasks within Honeybook.

There are also a ton of integrations available that you can take advantage of to make your photography workflow even smoother such as Zoom, Gmail, Google calendar, etc.

Honeybook is also available on Playstore and Apple app store.

Pricing: Starter plan costs $9/ Month

Free 7 day trial available.

Scheduling Meetings: Calendly

While collecting and managing leads is important, scheduling meetings with them for consultation in an easy manner (where they are offered to book a slot of your day in advance) is also important. Calendy offers the same service where clients can book a slot of your day for calls, meetings, and shoots as well.

A lot of professional photographers use Calendly as part of their photography workflow.

calendly logo

If you ever had to cancel or reschedule a booked slot, the process to do so is also very simple and both, you and your clients, will be notified of the change, making the process smooth and transparent.

Calendly also syncs easily with google calendar so it is easy for you to plan out your day and have a healthy work-life balance.

Pricing: Basics are covered in the free plan but for more automation features, the basic plan starts at $8 /month

AI Culling Software: FilterPixel

Gone are the days of spending hours selecting your photos manually. FilterPixel is an AI Culling software that culls your photos automatically for you.

Supporting both, cull-in and cull-out workflow, it is for every photographer who wants to select either through 100’s or 1000’s of photos and jump right into the editing process.

FilterPixel culling in laptop

After coming from a shoot, you can easily drag and drop your gallery folder as one of your projects and choose a category depending on what type of shoot it was.

The AI will use various metrics depending on the shoot and will categorize your images within 3 categories- images with major, minor, and no issues. This process takes a few minutes (you can still cull your images while it is happening!). It culls through 5000 images within roughly 20 minutes. This magic happens through the cloud, so there is no system requirement from your PC.

Selecting/ Rejecting images is super easy as the loading speed of images is instantaneous and you don’t have to even zoom in/out because of the Face views.

The Auto-select button is a huge time-saver for photographers who have a lot of similar images, as clicking it will select the best images out of their duplicates automatically. If you are not happy with the selection you can go to their comparison mode and check duplicate images side by side.

The AI sliders will help you find the sharpest image out of all your images with a single drag.

After you are satisfied with all your selections, you can export your photos directly to Lightroom, making your photography workflow more streamlined. This software is cutting hours for wedding photographers!

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $6/ month

Free trial available for 15 days!

Editing Software: ImagenAI + Lightroom

imagen AI logo

After exporting your images to Lightroom, you don’t even have to manually edit your photos anymore.

Imagen AI is another software that is saving hours of time for Photographers by automatically editing their photos within minutes. The software can edit your photos in two ways- by using a Creator profile or a Talents profile.

In the Creators profile, the photos you submit for editing will be edited using AI, matching your editing style. For this, you will first need to submit your 5000 already edited lightroom photos so the AI can learn your style and apply the same to your photos.

According to their website, “ImagenAI software integrates directly with Adobe Lightroom to apply these styles individually to each photo, and within seconds, achieves a stunning result based on the profile you chose.”

If you don’t have 5000 edited Lightroom images, you can try editing your photos using Talents profiles where you can choose different editing styles of talented photographers that have partnered with Imagen AI.

Overall, this will save hours of your editing work in front of the computer, especially if you are a wedding photographer. This is a must to have in your photography workflow!

Pricing: Creators profile starts at $7/ Month

Get 1000 edits for free!

Pricing of Lightroom: $10/ Month

7-day free trial available

Pic-time logo

Pic-time is a stunning online gallery sharing tool made for photographers that want high-quality galleries in one place to deliver photos to their clients, sell prints or simply have as a public portfolio.

You can easily share photo albums with your clients for proofing, sharing, and downloading. The clients can also share the gallery securely with others. You also have the option to create a slideshow of photos and add music to create a more beautiful experience for your clients.

Both you and your clients can create gallery albums and your clients can order the prints from pic-time print stores that they have partnered with from all around the world.

Public portfolios are easy to make and very customizable. They can be easily integrated into your website without any coding knowledge making the photography workflow smooth and efficient for you.

Pic-time also allows you to display and sell your artwork using your vision. Add music, text, or your own voice to create a virtual experience for people interested in buying prints.

For generating sales, you can use a variety of automated features such as customized emails, reminders, and discount banners.

Pricing: 17$/ Month

Free 30-day trial available

Website Management: Squarespace

Squarespace logo

Squarespace is a website management tool for photographers to easily share their work, tell their stories and generate leads with a lot of customizable options. Select from 100’s of website templates for design inspirations that match your style.

Managing your website according to your style and liking has never been easier. Moreover, Squarespace fits really well with photographers’ workflows.

The user can also pair their site with Pic-time in real-time to showcase their portfolio as it grows. Get all the optimizable resources required for SEO to rank easily and have good visibility.

Pricing: 14$/ month for annual packages

Free 14-day trial available!

File Compressor: Rawsie

Rawsie is an amazing tool for photographers who want to save their money in storage.

If you are a photographer who likes to keep the RAW files around for a few years before finally disposing of them, the cost of storage can be very high.

RAW files are large image sizes that contain all the image data, hence they are very heavy in size and could easily fill up your storage after a couple of shoots.

This increases your storage costs as you will need more hard drives or larger cloud storage plans for the RAW files.

Rawsie helps in compressing such RAW files by compressing their size up to 80%.

Rawsie uses an algorithm that converts all your RAW files to DNG without losing image data and hence they can be edited without any loss in quality. This makes it perfect for photographers who want to preserve the RAW data at a marginally smaller size before finally getting rid of them.

After editing your RAWs you can create a backup of all the files in a compressed DNG format with Rawsie as part of your photography workflow.

Note: Rawsie is currently available only on Mac but there is a waiting list available for windows users.

Pricing: 80$/ year

30 photos per day free compression


The photography industry is very competitive and continuously evolving. As a professional photographer, you got to stay updated with the current trends. Just how mirrorless cameras took over the DSLR, it is the same with these tools.

A lot of these tools are using AI or complex algorithms to help make your photography workflow more efficient. They are designed to increase productivity and fit smoothly into your workflow so I don’t see a good reason to go back to the old manual ways.

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