10 Best poses for Women

10 Best poses for Women

Assuming you have read our blog article on how to pose men from our Ultimate Guide for Family Photographers, it is now time to move on to the next piece- posing females!

Posing different models can be difficult & when you’re working under pressure, it can be difficult to think of creative poses, so having some poses in mind before you start shooting can help ensure a smooth shoot.

Here are 10 female pose ideas to get you started on your next portrait photoshoot.

1. Hands in front

This highly adaptable pose is suitable for a wide range of shots, from creative shoots to more formal business portraits. Ask your subject to bring her hands together in front of her face at a three-quarter angle, slightly away from the camera.

This pose is not only very flattering and slimming, but it can also be useful if your subject is unsure what to do with her hands.

Credits: pexels

2. One leg in front of the other

Ask your model to face the camera with one leg crossed in front of the other for this pose.

Depending on how confident your model is and what she is wearing, her hands could be at her sides, in her pockets, or in front of her. A slight forward lean can also add a playful element.

3. Flip the hair!

Your model only needs to flip her hair. Ask her to close her eyes so you don’t end with weird facial expressions! To get sharp photos, make sure you use a fast shutter speed. Use a slower shutter speed if you like dreamy portrait photography. This will result in motion blur.

4. The Lean

A classic among the male subjects and here as well! Ask your model, to stand with her back straight in front of a wall. Next, she should lean her head on the wall. This needs to be very subtle so her neck doesn’t bend back too much. Add sunglasses or other accessories to make this pose stand out.

5. The Squat

This is one of the most popular female poses on social media. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner like to use it often. It can give your portraits a cool, edgy look.

All your model has to do is squat. Ideally, she should lean on one leg and stretch the other one out. This will create a balanced pose and make her look slimmer.

6. On Chair with toes sticking out!

Take a few photos of your model sitting on a chair or couch with her toes pointing out. Her legs should be slightly bent to create a flattering curve on her body. She can turn away from the camera to create a sense of mystery.

7. Hands behind Neck!

This is an excellent pose for elegant female portraits. Your model should hold her neck with one or two hands and look straight at the camera. Make sure she does it gently so she doesn’t appear aggressive! Take Close-up photos at eye level to avoid making your model’s face appear too large.

8. Pull Hair from both sides

If you like a playful female model poses, you’ll love this tip! This will work best if your model has medium-length or long hair. Ask your model to pull her hair from both sides. She can also experiment with different facial expressions.

9. Angled shoulder

Ask the model to drop her closest shoulder and lean slightly forward towards the camera. This produces a casual, easygoing pose that works well for a variety of subjects and can be utilized in both sitting and standing pictures.

If you want a more striking position with a sense of attitude or perhaps fun, have the model elevate the shoulder closest to the camera.

10. Chin down, looking up at the camera

The upward glance generates a sense of engagement and confidence while tilting the chin down slightly can make it look slimmer. This posture works well for a variety of shots, from full-length to close-up, and is suitable for both creative and formal photographs.


Practicing female poses in front of a mirror - whether you’re a male or female photographer, will better help to demonstrate the posture to your subject. It will be far easier for her to copy you than it will be for her to comprehend your explanation.

Hope you have fun in your next session! Make sure to check out our next blog on “How to pose couples” from our Ultimate Family Photography Guide.

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