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Best Creative Family Portraits

Family of three Sitting on a log

Assuming you have read our blog article on how to pose couples for your family photography journey from our Ultimate Family Photography Guide, it is now time to move on to the next piece- the best creative family portraits.

Well-done family photos never go out of vogue. Although the haircuts or trends in your old family photos may be out of date, and one of your family photoshoots may have created some hilariously odd results, shooting family portraits has remained a popular pastime since the beginning of photography. People constantly want to preserve their loved one’s memories, which is one of the reasons why family picture photographers never run out of work! That’s why family photography is a fantastic addition to your internet portfolio; you’ll never run out of work.

Need some family picture inspiration to help you branch out from the norm? These will enable you to take some fun and distinctive family photos that will stand out in your internet portfolio.

Include the family pet: (or pets!) in the festivities. Many people consider their dogs to be family members, and pet portraits are becoming increasingly popular, so why not include them in the family photo? While you’re shooting, let the animal go around and engage with the family. This could result in some excellent candid moments.

Women with their Dogs on a picnic

Making the shoot exciting: by taking a lot of movement photos in your family portraits is a terrific approach to avoid stuffiness. Get the whole family to run, jump, play, or do anything else they want to do. It will make your portraits far more intriguing than a regular posture if you capture them in the middle of an action.

3 Girls ring around

Frame it: Learn to make interesting compositions like this one to create stunning photographs.

Family of three picture on a cabin

Play ball: If someone in the family is a soccer player, have them kick the ball around. Play a game of catch with the family if they are baseball fans.

Group Picture Jumpshot

Open up the toy chest: Let the children bring a favorite toy and play with it while the family is gathered around.

Mother and Child Solving Wooden Puzzle

Work with shadows: Learn how to use the magic of shadows to make your photos appear beautiful.

If the family has a newborn, consider placing the infant towards the center and having the rest of the family focus their attention on the baby. Take a look at our baby photography guide for additional information on photographing children.

Smiling Baby

Make them kiss: Have the parents kiss while the kids do something silly like peeking around a corner, covering their eyes, or making grossed-out faces.

Image of a Couple Kissing

Focus on sibling relationships: Photograph children caring for their younger siblings. A child’s simple act of tying a sibling’s shoe can produce a dramatic image that emphasizes their closeness.

Cuddle up: The more physical touch between family members, the more their relationship’s closeness will show up in family photos. So don’t be reluctant to encourage family members to get closer together, hold hands, or form a group hug.


You’ll need some families to photograph now that you’ve come up with some great family portrait ideas. You must start using your online portfolio website to showcase the family photos you’ve shot so far to attract more clients.

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