11 Best Family Photography poses

11 Best Family Photography poses

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci

Simplicity is harmonious.

A golden statement, it plays on the idea that being simple isn’t banal, it’s elegant.

Family photography is no different, adopting a simple approach pays.

Posing a family can be tricky for a multitude of reasons – from trying to capture so many people with such different personalities at one go, coming up with innovative poses to make use of the kids’ spontaneity, and finally, delivering results that are loved by everyone.

To ease up fellow photographers this holiday season, we have some ready-made poses that are simple to direct and execute.

Although every posing rule is relative and depends on the specific family and surroundings, here are some poses that will work for a smaller as well as a larger family.

So let’s roll out the holy grail list!

1. Circle of life(heads)

Guide everyone to lie down on their backs and form a circle with their heads together and their legs outstretched. The closer together you can get them to be, the better.

Shoot these family photographs from above, with the brilliant grass or textured ground as a backdrop in a studio. Taking images from above can be a tad bit difficult. Unless you have a drone or a ladder to take this type of photo, you need to either get higher than the family or get them lower than you.

They can sit or lay down. You can crop this photo so that they are only visible from above the shoulders.

Credits - pexels

2. Let’s sit it out

Seated poses are the most inclusive because they’re great for all ages and it’s easier to make everyone fit in the frame.

Variations of this, by making the family sit side by side vertically, sideways, or asking the family members to tickle each other can be tried out.

3. Home is where the bed is

This is the trick to keep everyone relaxed to get natural shots.

Ask the family members to sit and read a storybook, lie on their front and back and then get bird’s-eye view shots.

You can use big, fluffy blankets that complement the family’s wardrobe as the background or introduce it somewhere to add a pop of color and get everyone snuggling. These images can be used to create personalized photo cards for your clients.

4. All Around the World - words to live by, Justin Bieber

Go 360 degrees!

Ask the family to snuggle close while standing. Everyone should be touching someone. It exudes warmth and makes for great photographs!

Now you take a slow, 360-degree walk around your clients, and look for unexpected light and angles.

5. Just Stroll - to paraphrase Lady Gaga’s Just Dance

The most accommodating pose for families with babies and teens!

If the kids aren’t in a mood to pose, guide the group to just stroll along slowly, side-by-side. Tell them, “Look anywhere but at me!” You can crack a joke or make silly faces at the kids to help them feel less conscious.

6. Here’s looking at you Kid #Casablanca

Sit by a clear pool/lake and the family members stare at their reflection. You can try the classic - having the family staring by the window as well.

If you’re looking for natural family portraits with soft natural light, this is the place to be. Choose a big window in the house with lots of light coming in, preferably with a plain wall for the background.

Simple, yet elegant and effortlessly beautiful.

7. The Devil is in the details

Move-in close for some sweet detail shots and more intimate portraits. Focus on faces, hands, and even that sweet curl on the baby’s forehead.

Tight crops like these are very aesthetically pleasing.

8. Embrace and let children be goofy

Form a hut by asking the parents to kiss and children can make silly faces underneath.

Coordinate with the family to have a session during the golden hour and you’ll be surprised by how simple things can turn out to be so stunning.

9. We’ve got your back(this time, it’s heads)

Inspired by the super-hit Friends show, ask the members to lay their heads on each other, vertically.

If you want a cheerful vibe, find a bright shiny wall in your studio and do a photo session there. It’s super easy and the result won’t disappoint you!

10. Snapshot of emotions - Modern Family

..expressing disgust, sadness, happiness. The multitude of human emotions.

This will allow the family members to express themselves and especially children, will have fun with it. This can be a spontaneous form of art and will help break the camera consciousness of your subjects.

A child can be captured in his natural element, whether it is crying or laughing - easing him in the process. Ask an elder to maybe, imitate a crying child. Swapping clothes, playing with color tones can make the picture very beautiful and will be cherished for a long by your clients.

11. Children lead the way

Let the child walk ahead of one of the parents as if they are leading them. This pose is great for toddlers in the first months after they start walking.

A fun variation is asking the second parent to follow behind the first parent, creating a human chain. Remember that children at this age can get tired of walking quickly, so be fast with your camera and snap away!


Hope this list makes your family photography sessions a little less nerving. You’re now equipped with these 10 in your arsenal so shoot away!

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