Pros and Cons of Using Photo Mechanic

Pros and Cons of Using Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic has become the staple and one of the most iconic applications for photo management in the photography industry. However, as time passes, more and more software with better technology emerges alongside it.

Manual photo-culling is an extensive process that takes hours and hours of a photographer’s time. It involves selecting the best images in your gallery and segregating them from those that have undesired qualities. The standards for culling vary from photographer to photographer, but the theme stands where the chosen option is the best.

Again, manual photo-culling can indeed take much of your precious time. But, as professionals, you’d want to know of ways to shorten the duration of any process without degrading quality, right?

We have an option that does just that, and it’s called AI photo-culling.

Using software that has artificial intelligence-based programming, one can cull photos automatically. The AI selects the best images and will give various quality ratings, which vary per software. That translates to that you now having a more efficient method for culling your photos without doing much.

The program with automated culling wouldn’t entirely take over the process. This means that you can still manually view the images, but the order of the pictures is better. Additionally, viewing photos has quality ratings from the AI software, so you have a second opinion.

Now without further ado, let’s bring up the pros and cons of using Photo Mechanic.

Pro: Photo Mechanic Is Fast

Photo Mechanic is very much known to load images at a fast rate. Just wait for a little bit, and you’ll be viewing your images at high quality, which loads almost instantly.

Photo Mechanic makes culling, tagging, rating, keywords, etc., much faster than other apps. It makes your workflow efficient and guarantees you’ll work at a smoother rate with Photo Mechanic than with other apps.

Con: Photo Mechanic Isn’t Automated

The one thing that Photo Mechanic doesn’t have is an AI that can automatically cull photos.

As stated earlier, automatic culling makes culling a less tedious task to do, which ultimately nets you less work time.

To compare, let’s take a look at the Photo Mechanic vs. FilterPixel match-up. Both are indeed fast in loading images. However, what sets them apart in this match-up is that FilterPixel has automatic culling.

FilterPixel has AI designed to make your culling job more effortless than when you’d use Photo Mechanic.

Pro: You Can Caption Tags, Keywords, and Ratings on Photo Mechanic

Captioning is an essential method of organizing your photos. It makes viewing, grouping, and segregating shots require less effort.

On Photo Mechanic, you can type in keywords, make ratings, and tag your images. Then, when you export your images, you can still see your tags, keywords, and ratings. Although your captions may not work with all editing software, you can at least see them in most software.

Con: The Process of Captioning Isn’t Automatic

When using artificial intelligence-powered software, there’s a highly likely chance that they offer automatic captioning too.

Again, visualizing a Photo Mechanic vs. FilterPixel scenario, FilterPixel has AI to caption keywords, tags, and ratings automatically. With concerns regarding the captioning quality, we can assure you it’s of quality standards that will suit your needs.

FilterPixel tags

The best thing about being able to caption your images automatically is that it saves you more time. Again, you can manually check these images, look at what the AI has done, and either add or remove its work.

Pro: Photo Mechanic Shows High-Quality Images

Besides loading images fast, Photo Mechanic can show you high-quality images that stay true to their resolution.

The images are guaranteed to not only load fast but also load in their original, high-quality format. This ensures that when you manually cull pictures, you’ll be able to spot minor differences between images.

What’s more, you can compare photos directly and with great accuracy, bringing more quality to your work.

Con: Photo Mechanic Can’t Segregate Duplicates

Having duplicate images is highly likely to happen when being a photographer.
Imagine comparing an image, but you end up reaching the same two photos. Now imagine doing that to dozens of pictures. Wouldn’t that seem like a waste of your time?

Photo Mechanic sadly does not offer automatic segregation of these duplicate photos.

Now, comparing Photo Mechanic vs. FilterPixel, FilterPixel has the AI to be able to segregate duplicates.

Being able to segregate duplicates is one of the main features of FilterPixel. This not only saves you time but saves you a lot of effort too. As a result, you’ll end up being able to do more productive work when you use FilterPixel’s services.

Pro: Photo Mechanic Ensures Your Culling Process is Smooth

Unlike other applications like Lightroom, Photo Mechanic offers you a smooth photo viewing process.

If you’ve encountered many loading issues, lag, etc., with other apps, Photo Mechanic ensures you don’t experience these.

With fast-import speeds, quality photo viewing, and seamless captioning, you’ll achieve a smoother workflow.

Con: Manually Culling With Photo Mechanic or Other Apps Will Take a Lot of Your Time

The downside of Photo Mechanic is that you’ll take a lot of time to cull your photos manually.

It’s a downside because time is something a person should efficiently make use of. So if there’s a way to shorten a process and wouldn’t degrade your quality work, then it’s best you’d get that.

Taking another look into a Photo Mechanic vs. FilterPixel match-up, FilterPixel boasts fast culling speeds. So all you need to do is to first load in your library or images. Next, brew some homemade coffee. A finished job will be waiting for you by the time you’re back from making your coffee.

It’s just that much quicker and easier with automatic culling, primarily when you use FilterPixel. Then, all that’s left for you to do is do a bit of manual quality check.


Photo Mechanic is indeed a fantastic app, and a lot of people should try it out. However, if you prioritize making the most out of your time and efforts, we’d suggest using automatic culling software. Automated culling software like FilterPixel will make your culling process more accessible and hassle-free.

It all may boil down to preference, so it’s not the end of the world if you’d still choose to use manual culling methods. Just be aware that there is a more efficient way of culling, and that’s through automatic culling.

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