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What's in it for you?

  • Enjoy an annual complimentary subscription to FilterPixel Culling.
  • Get a free Pro subscription to FilterPixel Edits.
  • Earn $15 USD for each active member you bring to FilterPixel’s Annual Plan.

Additional Benefits:

  • Get the exciting opportunity to be a guest blogger for FilterPixel.
  • Showcase your work on our Instagram page.
  • Receive a welcome pack filled with awesome FilterPixel swag.

What we'd love from you:

  • Demonstrate to your audience how you creatively use FilterPixel. For example, creating a reel/IGTV showcasing your workflow.
  • Share your genuine experience with FilterPixel in relevant Facebook communities.
  • Conduct a live demo of either app during your next workshop/conference, if applicable.
  • Include a module/video in one of your courses demonstrating how you utilize FP, if applicable.

Remember, the more you share and tag us on your social channels, the more commission you can earn!

Who we are looking for:

  • Influencers with a following of 5k+ on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.
  • If you're an industry leader through teaching workshops, podcasts, speaking at conferences, or having photography awards, we're interested in hearing from you.
  • A genuine passion for our products and a strong desire to share your personal experiences with the apps.
  • Fun, unique, and engaging content ideas that resonate with your audience.

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