Photo Culling

Photo Culling Tips: How to Cull Photos Quickly with a Faster Photo Editing Workflow

We have been actively interviewing professional photographers to learn about their culling for the past year. Today, we want to share the results of more than 2000 photographers around the world who have shared their photo ...

Photo Culling

Why you should stop culling photos manually

One of the biggest headaches for photographers is to select the final photos from the sea of hundreds of photos saved in their camera cards after a photo shoot. The process of diving into this sea and choosing the best ones is ...

Photo Culling

6 Reasons Why Your Culling Efficiency is Plummeting

As a professional photographer, we always want to get the best shot and use the best photo editing software to select and edit. However, to get the best images, some photographers capture more than just one photo.

Photo Culling

Why you need a dedicated Photo Culling Software?

Whatever your discipline of photography, there’s one skill that is crucial to catapulting your success: Culling – That dull, obnoxious, mundane task of sifting through all the good, the bad, and the downright ugly to find your ...

Photo Culling

How to cull your wedding photographs in 10 minutes: FilterPixel Photo Culling Software

No…, culling wedding photos in lesser than 10 minutes is impossible, wrote Jimmy while replying back to my cold email. Some of you also are going to read the title & will not believe that this is possible, but I am going to ...

Photography Education

4 Tips to find the Best Locations for Photoshoots

Scouting for the best photo-shoot locations is one of the most crucial things in a professional photographer’s workflow.

Photography Workflow

How to backup Photos in 2023

In the first post, we discussed how to find locations for a photoshoot and followed it with an essential checklist for a photoshoot. This is the third post in sequence with a workflow guide for professionals on how to backup ...

Photo Culling

How to save time while photo culling 1000s of images?

In the first post, we discussed how to find the best photoshoot locations and scouting options. Then we talked about the essential checklists for a photoshoot and the best backup and storage options for professional photographers.

FilterPixel Updates

How FilterPixel AI Watched 50000 Photos to Learn How to Recognize a Kiss or a Hug

Most of us, at least–are pretty good at judging if the eyes in a photo are closed intentionally or accidentally. We use our brains to find the context when we see two people kissing or hugging each other and conclude that the ...

Photo Management

4 Best Tools To Convert RAW to JPG For Free Online

RAW to JPG converters are flooded all over the internet. None of them though are fast enough to process thousands of files in minutes.