Photo Culling

The Role of AI in Photo Culling and Editing: Revolutionizing Every Photographer’s Workflow

In the ever-evolving world of photography, the demands for creative and perfectly composed imagery are higher than ever before. Whether it’s for commercial or personal purposes, the need for striking visuals has become the ...

FilterPixel Updates

How to use keyboard shortcuts in FilterPixel

Culling photos just got a lot easier! We’ve created an infographic for FilterPixel shortcuts for you to enjoy and cull your photos faster.

Photo Culling

How to cull your wedding in 10 minutes: FilterPixel Photo Culling Software

No…, culling wedding photos in lesser than 10 minutes is impossible, wrote Jimmy while replying back to my cold email. Some of you also are going to read the title & will not believe that this is possible, but I am going to ...

FilterPixel Updates

How to get rid of your bad shots automatically using Smart Panel

A photography session is composed of the best shots, good shots & bad shots. Bad shots are not hard to spot but difficult to find. To remove all these out-of-focus, blurry, closed eyes photos, we often have to go through all ...

Photo Culling

How to Save Your Photo Culling Time

Photo Culling is a nightmare for productivity. The research found that 80% of photographers already know that they are wasting their valuable hours in this repetitive & mundane process. The rest, 20%, are unaware that photo ...

Photography Workflow

Checklist for Photoshoot

In the first post, we discussed how to find the best photoshoot locations and scouting options.

Photography Workflow

10 workflow tips on how to edit photos faster in Lightroom Classic

Photography Workflow series: How to edit photos faster in Lightroom Classic In the first post, we discussed how to find the best photoshoot locations and scouting options. Then we talked about the essential checklists for a ...

Photo Management

5 Best Photo Management Softwares for Mac and Windows in 2023

The advent of technology has brought us many wonders—one of them being the convenience of preserving moments in our lives in the form of snapping photos. Arranging thousands of photos can be a hassle, though, so here are 5 of the ...

Photo Culling

Photo Culling Tips: How to Cull Photos Quickly with a Faster Photo Editing Workflow

We have been actively interviewing professional photographers to learn about their culling for the past year. Today, we want to share the results of more than 2000 photographers around the world who have shared their photo ...

Photo Culling

Why you should stop culling photos manually

One of the biggest headaches for photographers is to select the final photos from the sea of hundreds of photos saved in their camera cards after a photo shoot. The process of diving into this sea and choosing the best ones is ...