How to use FilterPixel: AI Photo Culling Software

How to use FilterPixel: AI Photo Culling Software

I love culling photos, said nobody ever. Culling Photos has always been a tedious, time-consuming & tiring process.

In this post, we will see how FilterPixel can help in culling photos in the fastest & smartest way.


FilterPixel is a smart culling application that uses Artificial Intelligence to weed out your “not so good” & bad photos that you remove while doing manual culling.

We want you to spend nearly no time on low-quality photos & more time on photos that are worth giving a shot to pick your best ones.


Let’s say every shoot you do as a project. The first screen helps you to create a project by clicking the “+” icon. Once you click it, you can name the project, import the RAW files & click start.

The best part is you can create multiple projects and cull them parallelly.

Import photos in FilterPixel Photo Culling Software

Real Time Imports

Once you create the project, you get your previews instantly in real-time. This is similar to photomechanic ingest of RAW files. There is no AI involved till here.

When we import files, FilterPixel converts RAW files to JPEG’s and generate high-resolution and low-resolution previews of it on the machine.

The low-resolution previews are then scaled down and uploaded to FilterPixel servers for automatic culling of photos.

Right Side panel

The Side panel is closed by default but you can open it by clicking the hamburger icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

The panel is divided into three tabs Review, Metadata & Export.

  • In the Review tab, you can check all AI-driven data by the FilterPixel.
  • Metadata has always been a crucial part of the photography workflow. The Metadata tab gives you all the information about the photo faster than ever.
  • The export tab helps you to export images outside FilterPixel. Checkout the export section in the post to understand it better.

Side Panel

AI Culling Filters

This is one of those smartest ways in which FilterPixel makes you more productive.

AI Culling Filters inside FilterPixel Photo Culling Software

After Importing photos, they get automatically classified with the help of four filters at the top of the panel. You can switch on/off any of those or multiple together to get all the photos of that filter to review. Let’s understand more about these filters:

  • The filter Unrated helps you to see all the photos which are not having any issues like out of focus, face blurriness, closed eyes etc. This is the first section you should check to create your final selections.
  • By Pressing U on the keyboard, we can unrate any photo.
  • The filter Warning helps you to see all the photos which are “not so good”. This is the section you can check if you need more photos even after selecting from your unlabel section.
  • The filter Rejected helps you to see all the photos which should not go to your client. These photos have major technical issues such as out of focus or closed eyes issues.
  • By Pressing X on the keyboard, we can reject any photo.
  • The filter Accept helps you to to see all the photos which you have manually selected. This is going to be the final selections that you want to take to Adobe Lightroom.
  • By Pressing P on the keyboard, we can accept any photo.

    FilterPixel Filters

    Moreover, after automatic culling, every photo inside FilterPixel is represented using four different icons as shown above.

AI Tags

FilterPixel doesn’t accept any photo, but it rejects photos with a reason. The reason for rejection is known as Tag.

FilterPixel Tags

You will be able to see the tags like out-of-focus or closed-eyes added by the AI for all the photos inside the rejected & warning section. AI helps you here to cull all your photos, provide them with the right tags that help you understand the cause of rejection.

AI Metrics

AI Metrics help you to decide the best among the good photos. The focus quality and eye quality can be seen as a score out of 100%.

It’s the average score of important individual faces in a group photo & a score out of 100 of an important face in a single photo.

FilterPixel Metrics.

Color And Ratings

Color & Ratings in FilterPixel works very similar to Lightroom. FilterPixel gives you full control to provide stars & ratings manually just like any other photography culling software.

  • You can use the keyboard shortcuts 1,2,3,4,5 to star rate images.
  • You can use the shortcuts 6,7,8,9 to colour the images.
  • You can clear the star rating by 0 and colour rating by (⌘Command) + 0 on Mac &

    Ctrl + 0 on windows.

  • For Purple colour, you can use Ctrl/(⌘Command) + 9.

Views, Zoom And Navigation

FilterPixel currently supports two views “Grid View” & “Full-Screen View”. In the grid view, just like Lightroom, you will see all images in a grid. While in Full-Screen View, you can see one image in the entire grid at one time.

  • To enter Full-Screen View, you can use the key E or you can click the

    the full-screen icon in the top bar.

  • To enter into Grid-View, you can use G key on the Keyboard or can click the grid-view icon on the top bar.

FilterPixel Photo Culling Software Views

  • To navigate between images in both views, you can use (←/→) arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • You can Zoom the image in the Full-screen view using Spacebar


When you have finalised your culling, you can decide what you want to Export outside FilterPixel.

Export from FiterPixel Photo Culling Software

  • You can export our photos to Lightroom or to a folder inside your system.
  • If you use FilterPixel Lightroom Plugin, you can get smart collections inside Lightroom.
  • You can press Shift and can use (←/→) arrow keys to select a few images to colour/star rate or can add any filter like Accepted, Unrated or Rejected by pressing P, U, X key respectively which you can export finally.


While culling photos has become extremely easier, our weekly updates are just because of our beta tester community. If you want to be involved in our private beta, please signup at

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