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5 Reasons AI Photo Culling is Every Photographer’s Best Friend

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Culling has always been a process present in a lot of industries. For photography, it exists to get rid of all the unnecessary images taken that the photographer won’t be able to use. Culling gets duplicates, junk, and photos with minor problems that differentiate between a good photo and a great one.

In most industries, many have already found a way to automate this process through machines and sorting methods that speed up the process. This is what AI Photo Culling brings to the table for photography. Convenience, efficiency, consistency, and more that we’ll be discussing down below.

1. Convenience

For years since the invention of the digital camera, manual culling has always been the standard for photographers because there wasn’t a reliable option for an automated process until the arrival of AI Photo Culling. While manual culling has been what photographers are used to, this doesn’t mean it wasn’t without its flaws.

Manual culling is a grueling process that requires photographers to scan through hundreds, if not thousands, of images that all look similar to each other. And that’s why manual culling is painful and Lightroom is not the right tool to do it.

This is a tiring process that adds to the already present burden of working professionals in the industry that have to work throughout the day in different environments like a studio or events like weddings or birthdays. Wouldn’t it be amazing if, after a whole day of work at the studio, you’d be able to just grab a coffee, relax, and watch TV?

Using an AI photo-culling software like FilterPixel allows users to cull hundreds of images in just minutes, doing hours of work for photographers and providing them with more time to focus on other important aspects like shoots, editing, course, rest, etc.

2. Efficiency

While one can argue that an individual can learn the photo editing tips and the tricks to cull hundreds of images in just minutes, this definitely wouldn’t be done at the same rate as an AI photo-culling software and will just end up being rushed. Without AI photo-culling software, it’s impossible to pull it off.

FilterPixel imports your RAW files or JPEGs directly into their software to generate instant previews that allow you to simply glean through the images without looking at all of them individually, giving you an idea of what you’re going to be working on. The software extracts JPEGs from them, compressing and encrypting them before the culling process, keeping RAW files untouched.

Additionally, the annoying process of zooming in and out of photos and looking at each individual’s faces is something you won’t have to do when using an AI photo-culling software because you can quickly reference faces in the Face View feature.

Camera with Image of Road

3. Consistency

Human error tends to happen when people spend hours looking at screens and staring at faces or subjects in images to look for minor flaws that affect the overall quality of the image. This is common for photographers, especially amateurs, and even professionals who’ve worked in the industry for years.

Aside from convenience, human error stands to be one of the biggest reasons why AI photo culling is looking to become every photographer’s best friend and manual culling will stop in the future. Because AI photo culling is running on advanced algorithms and a constantly learning and improving automation process, the consistency of an AI-based software helps users get rid of images based on set standards and advanced algorithms that can classify technically bad photos and errors.

4. Smart

AI photo culling is able to automate the culling process without complications so users can focus instead on the art. FilterPixel’s photo culling software provides a lot of smart features. The AutoSelect feature utilizes Artificial intelligence to help users choose the objectively best photos in just a matter of seconds. the Metadata Editor cleans up your photo metadata while the Duplicate Filtering allows for their users to freely take bursts of the same shot without having to worry about running through them. Also, their highly convenient multi-screen capable modular layout allows users to compose and personalize their layout across several screens that have slowly become the norm for professional working photographers.

using FilterPixel on an iPad

5. Control

AI photo culling software will do the heavy lifting for you, but at the end of the day, it’s still going to be you who’ll decide where to place things. It’s still going to be the user who decides which of the good photos they’ll keep and which of them will be deleted.

FilterPixel will only help speed up this decision-making process through the automation process. This process eliminates objectively bad photos while supplementing the crucial decision process with features like AI Quality Ratings and AI-driven Tags. These help users make decisions faster, easier, and more conveniently.

Don’t worry, and your AI photo-culling software won’t boss you around and tell you what to keep and what to delete. It’s only there to help and suggest!

Given just how much convenience and reliability AI photo culling provides, we believe it’s safe to say that it’s every photographer’s best friend. If you still aren’t using FilterPixel, what are you waiting for? Automate the tedious, tiring, and time-consuming process with AI photo culling.

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