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Blog > How to Boost Productivity by 94%: Tips from Successful Photographers

How to Boost Productivity by 94%: Tips from Successful Photographers

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), in general, is not without flaws. It has its own share of downsides. However, the undeniable benefits of speed, ease-of-use, and increased reliability to date cannot be overlooked. 

Fast forward to 12 years from now, and AI will continue to expand, “with the greatest growth coming from systems that augment and complement human capabilities and decision-making”, according to Steven King, partner at Emergent Research. 

Is it a boon or a bane? 

Let’s find out through the stories of 3 successful photographers using FilterPixel AI Culling.

AI took my job…

…to the next level.

Read the most recent Fiverr ad campaign that made waves across various business communities.

What then was considered to be a threat to people’s jobs, now has increasingly become an indispensable tool for boosting business productivity. The undeniable benefits of speed, ease-of-use, and increased reliability make up for occasional setbacks, if you will.

Sure, AI is not without a downside. But with improvements in machine learning seen to continuously evolve, and as more sectors of our society realize its benefits, we expect AI to be even smarter than we know it now.

An associate professor at a major university in Israel wrote, “In the coming 12 years AI will enable all sorts of professions to do their work more efficiently..”, according to Pew Research Center. A study by MIT likewise shows that AI boosts a skilled worker’s performance by 40%, compared to workers who don’t leverage such tools.

The same is true for photographers.

Most, if not all professional photographers deal with thousands of photos to sort and organize after every shoot. They all go through the process of selecting good shots from the bad, and those that need some editing. This is known to photographers as photo culling.

And it’s no easy task. In fact, some would even put it… 

“the dreaded photo culling”.

But, not for Bonnie, Nikki, and Shinu John, at least.
They are commercial photographers whose businesses saw an upgrade with FilterPixel AI — and are killing it.


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Meet 3 successful photographers whose productivity increased not by 80% but a whopping 94% with FilterPixel AI Culling.


Bonnie Blue 

Wedding and Branding Photographer | Atlanta, GA

On top of being a professional photographer, Bonnie is also a content creator, retoucher, educator, and mompreneur. As you can already imagine, constantly juggling all these responsibilities can be quite the feat for her. Having thriving businesses doesn’t come without challenges. So, how does she manage bringing in new clients, being a speaker and educator, and most importantly, being a mother?

Bonnie uses a reliable AI-powered culling software that does a huge chunk of the job for her– accurately and consistently.


Automated culling allows her to get more productive work done while ensuring the consistency of her images. Think, being able to do something else while the machine is selecting and organizing her photo library. It supports her lifestyle and gives her the much needed extra hand to accomplish her day-to-day tasks while providing quality photography work to all her clients.

As a seasoned industry professional, she likewise understands the value photographers place on work ownership and having a creative hand in critical stages of post-processing, particularly culling. However, the pros outweigh any hesitation as Bonnie continues to leverage the power of AI in photo culling. The software has proven to be a reliable assistant that allows her to focus on more value-adding aspects of her businesses and personal life.


Nikki Halter

Wedding Photographer | Stow Creek, NJ

Wedding photographers like Nikki are constantly fully booked, especially on peak seasons. She could spend consecutive days in different locations around the city, hopping from one event to the next. Needless to say, the photos she takes from every wedding easily piles up by the end of the week. This is why she sought the use of AI-powered culling software to give her a hand in managing the workload.


Contrary to popular belief, using AI-powered software is far from complex. Remember that its primary goal is to simplify and streamline your post-processing workflow– and this starts with a dashboard that’s easy to navigate.

You can easily connect your camera or storage device to the computer where FilterPixel is installed. Upon plugging in, it will automatically be detected by the software and initiate the import process. In just a couple of clicks, your images will be transferred to your photo library. Once they are loaded into your device, AI can start sifting through thousands of images and selecting the best ones for editing. It’s that simple.

This convenience and ease of use is what in-demand photographers like Nikki, find priceless.


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Shinu John

Portrait Photographer | Drimnagh, Dublin

Niche photographers like Shinu John take on a wide range of projects that are typically high volume. He constantly needs to find that balance between maintaining his creative style and ensuring efficient workflows so he can seamlessly move on to the next shoot. Through the power of AI-driven culling tools, he discovered that it’s possible to get the best of both worlds. 

Being in the industry for years, he already knows that to continuously succeed as a photographer, he also needs to invest in the right tools that will help his business flourish. In photography, this means the ability to take on more projects and deliver quality work in the shortest amount of time.


Through AI-powered software, FilterPixel, Shinu John shortened his culling process by at least 94% and is now able to focus on more value-adding aspects of his business.


Why Do Successful Photographers Use AI Culling?

More photographers are becoming open about leveraging AI-driven culling software in their workflows, and for good reason. They want to share the transformative power this technology has brought not only in their post-production processes, but also in their business as a whole.

“Time is money”, and in the competitive photography industry, it’s important to know where you spend your resources. By using AI culling software, these successful photographers are able to:

  • Save hours, even days, on photo culling and editing
  • Engage more clients and take on bigger, high-volume projects
  • Manage multiple day-to-day tasks while culling
  • Ensure the consistency and quality of their photos
  • Deliver what their clients want, when they need it


Ready to integrate the power of AI in your post-production process?

FilterPixel is a game-changing solution that is set to transform the way you organize and post-process your images by harnessing the power of AI. From the fundamental stages of importing and sorting photos, to the more technical areas of culling and editing, FilterPixel provides you with a smarter and easier way to go through all of these phases in producing top-quality images. Its remarkable ability to shorten the culling process by 94% and its highly customizable controls empower photographers of all levels of expertise to streamline their processes while maintaining total creative reign over their images.


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