Why you need a dedicated Photo Culling Software?

Whatever your discipline of photography, there’s one skill that is crucial to catapulting your success: culling. That boring, obnoxious, mundane task of sifting through all the good, the bad, and the downright ugly in order to finally find your best shots that fits your client need.

Why you need Culling?

When you shoot, you are not thinking of the number of photos, and it’s fine to end up with four to six times more photos than what your client really needs. Obviously, you can’t give a very few photos to your client to make them feel gypped and also can’t overwhelm them with photos to make them incapable of discerning of their best shots. You need a balance between both and to find that balance you start culling.

Why Culling is so hard?

Whether it’s procrastination or pain in the neck of welcoming a monotonous task, your culling efficiency can plummet because of many reasons. Being the creator of a photograph, you are so attached to your images that going through each of them and deciding which one to select becomes a time-killing task.

Isn’t it true that you end up spending significant time on photos that are technically bad and just go directly out of your selections? Isn’t it true that you are looking on images manually by zooming-in, checking focus & other issues?

Photos are our babies, our soul and our heart, attachment with them makes culling really hard.

Why you need a smart Photo Culling Software?

Imagine a day coming out from your shoot and spending hours in front of your computer, what is the first thing that you do after photo backup? Importing your photos to software like Lightroom which imports them like a snail. Lightroom is not a dedicated software for culling and that’s why is not optimised for your photo culling productivity.

PhotoMechanic seems an option but is not smart enough with the latest AI capabilities.
AI-Powered Photo Culling Softwares like FilterPixel can help you not only to get rid of your low-quality photos automatically but also accelerate your decisions capabilities to select best shots faster.

Getting culling software in your workflow can bring your life hours back that you want to spend on things that are worth spending.

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