Top 3 Photo Culling Hacks to use in 2022

Top 3 Photo Culling Hacks to use in 2022

Professional photographers have a lot on their plate when it comes to running a business. Looking for new clients, shooting, editing, and maintaining their social media presence are just some of the many day-to-day activities photographers have to do.

Most of these activities are enjoyable and necessary to run a successful business but some activities (like Photo Culling) seem downright frustrating and time-consuming.

We have noted down the top 3 photo culling hacks to use in 2022 but before we proceed, let’s clear the air about what photo culling is and why photographers are using these hacks instead of culling manually:

What does culling photos mean?

Culling photos means the process of reviewing photos and selecting or rejecting them based on different criteria such as eye quality, focus quality, expressions, and more! The process turns out to be very stressful and time-consuming when there are thousands of photos to go through and a lot of them are duplicates.

Photo Culling accept and reject

Clearly, spending hours going through all the photos manually and making selections among several duplicates is not the best way to cull photos. It’s 2022 and photographers are now becoming smarter than ever.

Here are three photo culling hacks available in 2022 that photographers can use to make their photo culling process faster!

1) Using an AI Photo Culling Software:

Sitting in front of a computer and going through thousands of photos, manually, one by one, to select the best ones is now a thing of the past and many professional photographers are shifting to dedicated AI photo-culling software.

FilterPixel product page

The speed of the AI is super fast and takes around 30 mins to cull around 3000 photos which is impossible for any human to copy. Apart from speed, some software such as FilterPixel provides full control to the user over the selection and also has quirky features such as Face views and Comparison mode.

The cost of FilterPixel is around $14.99 per month, which is totally worth it considering the amount of time it is going to be saving for your business.

Maria testimonial FilterPixel

Considering it takes 5 hours on average to cull 3000 photos manually, you will save at least 4 working hours with an AI photo-culling software every day. This is one of the best hacks photographers are making good use of to save their time and money. If you are interested in trying it out, you can sign up using the link for FilterPixel 14-day free trial.

Our verdict on AI Culling software:

AI photo culling software verdict

2) Using a Lightroom plugin

Adobe Lightroom Classic is hands down the most popular choice among professional photographers. However, it lacks behind in speed when it comes to culling photos in the library.

There are flags, stars, and colors to rate and cull photos but the loading speed makes it hard to go through thousands of photos and make decisions.

This can be made 10x easier with the help of FilterLR. FilterLR is a plugin for Lightroom that can cull and rate your photos based on eye quality, focus quality, composition, lighting, etc. The best part is, that while the plugin is running you can edit your photos simultaneously in Lightroom.

FilterLR plugin culling

The culling speed of FilterLR plugin is the same as FilterPixel or even faster than other culling software but it misses out a lot on features such as Face views, comparison mode, or survey mode. The lack of features in the FilterLR provides very less control to the user than FilterPixel.

FilterLR is currently in beta. You can join this FilterLR slack channel to get the plugin totally free for 3 months!

Our verdict on AI Lightroom Plugin:

FilterLR Plugin verdict

3) Outsourcing

Outsourcing photos to an editing agency is another way few professional photographers are saving time and effort in their business. These agencies can not only cull your thousands of images to top hundreds but also provide other services such as editing and retouching.

Imagesalon culling process

The turnaround speed is 3-5 days for Imagesalon and the cost is obviously higher than other hacks we discussed ($0.06 per image). If you are not very picky over your selections, then you can go ahead with such services as the selections are made by their team and according to their preferences.

Imagesalon culling verdict

Bonus hack:

Try using a modded 8-bit controller or Xbox/ PS5 controller to cull your photos faster wirelessly instead of using the keyboard to make the process more fun. You can buy an 8-bit controller from amazon for a good price.


Overall, these photo-culling hacks should help you save time no matter which one you use. It all depends on how much control, speed, and cost you want.

If you are interested to learn more about AI Culling software, you can go check out our blog of Best AI Photo Culling software for 2022.

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