How to install and run FilterLR plugin inside Lightroom Classic?

How to install and run FilterLR plugin inside Lightroom Classic?

FilterLR is an AI photo-culling plugin available for Lightroom Classic. To download the FilterLR plugin, please join our beta slack group.

After you have downloaded the FilterLR file, make sure to extract the zip file. After extracting, you can install and run the plugin using the following instructions:

  • How to install FilterLR plugin in Lightroom Classic?
  • How to use FilterLR plugin to cull your photos?

How to install FilterLR plugin inside Lightroom Classic?

  • To install the plugin inside Lightroom classic, first go to File> plug-in manager or press ctrl + alt + shift +, (comma).

add filterLR plugin plugin manager

  • Here you can check all the Lightroom plugins installed in your system.

  • To add FilterLR, click “Add” on the bottom right of the plugin manager and select the folder that you have extracted named ‘FilterPixel_LRPlugin.lrdevplugin’.
  • After adding the plugin, click done.

Congrats, you have successfully installed FilterLR plugin!

How to use FilterLR plugin to cull your photos?

To use the plugin, make sure you are in the library mode.

  • Import the images that you would like to cull inside the Lightroom catalogue.
  • After importing, go to File > Plug-in extras, and select “Cull with FilterLR”.

(If you are running FilterLR for the first time, you will get the signup pop-up. Fill in your details to continue.)

  • After signing up, you can see the culling process starting. Culling 1000 photos take around 5-10 minutes.

  • While the culling is in progress, you can either start culling manually in lightroom (The AI won’t override your decision) or start editing photos in the develop module parallelly.
  • After the culling process is finished, FilterLR will notify you and show you the number of photos the plugin has accepted, rejected, and untagged.

FilterLR stats

In the library, the plugin will mark and cull your photos according to the following pattern:

Accepted Photos ——–> Green and flagged accepted

Rejected Photos ———> Red and flagged rejected.

Untagged Photos ——–> Yellow and flagged unlabelled

FilterLR photos culled automatically

Congratulations, FilterLR has culled your photos automatically based on focus quality, eye quality, lighting, composition, and dozens of other parameters!

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