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FilterPixel Launched in India: At India Photo Expo 2024

FilterPixel Just Launched in India

The India Photo Expo 2024, held at the iconic Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, was a testament to the vibrant and dynamic photography community in India. This premier event brought together photographers, enthusiasts, industry professionals, and leading photography brands under one roof for a celebration of creativity and innovation. From showcasing cutting-edge equipment to hosting informative workshops and seminars, the expo plays a vital role in fostering innovation and fostering a sense of community within the photography industry.

FilterPixel Booth at India Photo Expo

At FilterPixel, we've been tirelessly working on redefining the photography landscape with our groundbreaking AI culling and editing software. And our recent venture at the India Photo Expo 2024 marked a significant milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing photography.

FilterPixel - The Next Generation Photography Toolkit

Amidst a gathering of over 15,000 photographers, we launched FilterPixel - the next generation toolkit for photographers set to redefine the way photographers approach their post-production process. The response was nothing short of astounding as photographers were swooning at FilterPixel.

FilterPixel at Booth DP88

At the heart of the expo, FilterPixel set up its stall at DP88, attracting photographers with engaging contests and exciting prizes. One such contest, "Guess the Edit: Human vs AI," piqued the interest of attendees. Participants were challenged to discern whether an image was edited by a human or by FilterPixel's AI technology. Those who guessed correctly and scored 3 out of 5 stood a chance to win exclusive FilterPixel merchandise, including coveted t-shirts. But the excitement didn't end there. All registered participants in the contest were automatically entered into a lucky draw. One fortunate winner walked away with Sony Headphones worth 10,000/- INR, along with a full year of Free FilterPixel Annual Pro Plan.

FilterPixel Booth at India Photo Expo

Our Tech Team Takes on Sales

In startups like ours, where flexibility is key, rigid roles simply don't apply. Each member of our team, regardless of their official title, wears multiple hats. Our tech team, the masterminds behind FilterPixel, exemplified this ethos as they stepped into the sales arena with confidence.

Pitching What We've Built

The expo meant about connecting directly with our customers and gaining invaluable feedback. As our team passionately pitched FilterPixel to photographers, we were met with enthusiasm and constructive insights.

Camera to Cloud Technology

We take immense pride in our team's dedication to educating photographers on the innovative camera to cloud technology powering FilterPixel. From explaining complex AI algorithms to showcasing real-time editing capabilities, our team left no stone unturned in highlighting the near future of photography. With live AI editing demos, we really left the crowd in awe at the India Photo Expo 2024

FilterPixel Booth at India Photo Expo
FilterPixel Booth at India Photo Expo
FilterPixel Booth at India Photo Expo
FilterPixel Booth at India Photo Expo


Proud of Our Team

As we reflect on our journey at the India Photo Expo 2024, we couldn't be prouder of our team. Their dedication, passion, and willingness to step out of their comfort zones have been very helpful in driving innovation and taking FilterPixel to new heights.

FilterPixel Booth at India Photo Expo

Looking Ahead

As we return from the India Photo Expo 2024, we carry with us not only the support and feedback but also a renewed sense of purpose. With FilterPixel leading the change, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of photography and empowering photographers worldwide. 

Join Us on Our Journey 

To all photographers, enthusiasts, and innovators, we invite you to join us on our journey as we continue to redefine the world of photography. Together, with your support and feedback, we are poised to shape the future of this timeless art form.

FilterPixel Booth at India Photo Expo

The Best Is Yet to Come

As we start on this exciting chapter, we promise to keep you updated every step of the way. 


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