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What’s new in FilterPixel 2.2.6 update?

FilterPixel 2.2.6

FilterPixel has rolled out the 2.2.6 update, named “Luna”, recently for Mac and Windows, and it came with a lot of new features and some significant UI improvements.

For users in the FREE plan, you can now download and install the latest version and try the new update for up to 10,000 photos for free.

Here are the highlights of what is new in FilterPixel 2.2.6:

1) Lightroom Classic Keywords Update

With FilterPixel 2.2.6, users can now export their photos (that have Lightroom embedded keywords) to Lightroom Classic and find their keywords (such as sky, David) embedded with the FilterPixel keyword. (such as Accepted, sky, David)

2) LRC Jpeg color ratings

All the Jpegs that were color rated on FilterPixel can now appear inside Lightroom Classic after exporting from FilterPixel.

3)Major UI update in the projects screen

You can see the sidebar has been improved with a lot of additions. Under your profile, you can see your statistics, including the time you have saved and the photos you have culled using FilterPixel.

The tutorial on “How to use FilterPixel?” is now accessible anytime in the sidebar, which will be helpful for users if they have any questions regarding the workflow.

The “Number of photos left” is now visible in the bottom bar, and you can easily upgrade to the PRO plan by clicking on it.

4)High-resolution thumbnails for larger screens

For users with larger screens (more than 2K resolution), you can now enjoy the thumbnail previews in crystal clear quality.

Our tech team is currently working on a lot of unique features and UI improvements for the upcoming updates.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests, feel free to share them with our Facebook community or email us directly at

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