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From a tedious & tiring culling process to a faster & smarter workflow. Save more than half of your time while maintaining full control over your culling process.

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Presenting you with an AI that culls just like you do. Photo Culling has never been easier, whether it’s weddings or portraits, or a newborn shoot.

Let AI reject the undesired photos & you select best from remaining. Start Trial Now →


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Why Choose FilterPixel as
your Photo Culling Software ?

Let AI adapt you rather than you adapting the AI

Make AI
your personal

The AI is here to help you and not take away the control. With a single click on auto-select, Filterpixel automatically sorts the photos into accepted, rejected & untagged.

Automatically detect blinks, closed eyes photos & tag them as rejected
Get rid of
multiple clicks

Freedom from multiple clicks, zooming in and out of every photo. Thanks to the high-quality face views in FilterPixel. Now you don't have to go through an extra step to sift through all the photos and the details.

Automatically select the best one from a duplicate set of photos using AutoSelect
All the Similar Ones at a Glance

FilterPixel groups all the similar shots automatically and survey mode lets you view them all at once. You can review and make changes to Filterpixel’s selections with having full control over your gallery

Check all the photos at a glance with survey mode
Not Just Culling,
Let’s organize too

Filterpixel photo culling software not only culls for you but also helps you organize your galleries with the help of filters.

Organise your photos with filters and tags FilterPixel Filters & Tags Panel

Export with a single click

Export your accepted photos to lightroom, PhotoMechanic, CaptureOne or anywhere with just a single click using drag and drop.

Export to Lightroom in One Click


More than a Culling Software

Sure, it does culling but there is a lot more

Automatically Select Your Best Photos From Duplicates Using AutoSelect


Cut out the busy work by automatically selecting your best photos with AutoSelect.

Cull, Review & Group Your Photos Faster With Survey Mode

Survey Mode

All the similar photos are automatically grouped together and you can review them all at once by using Survey Mode.

Use AI Sliders to get your sharpest photos

AI Sliders

Get your sharpest photos in miliseconds. Simply, drag a slider to get your sharpest photos.

The Sleekest Layout To Cull Your Photos

Sleek Layout

Why should an artist work on a bulky layout? Get the sleekest layout without distractions & boost your productivity.

Loved by photographers
around the world


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use FilterPixel?

FilterPixel's AI adapts to your style rather than you adapting to AI. The AI customises to learn your style and genre of photography.

AI culls differently for different types of shoots :
Weddings & Elopements
Family Portraits
Newborn & Maternity

There’s something for everyone :)

What does the AI accept and reject?

Filterpixel’s AI groups all the similar photos and picks out the best one from every set. This is done to make sure that you never miss out on any photos.

FilterPixel helps you identify out of focus, blurry photos and photos with unwanted blinks by tagging them as rejects.

We know every shot matters so the AI won't reject your aesthetic blurry photos or the ones with slow shutter speed.

What devices and image formats does FilterPixel support?

FilterPixel is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

For Image formats, Filterpixel supports all the leading RAW formats & JPEGs. Here is the list: NEF ; CR3 ; HEIC ; JPG ; CR2 ; DNG ; ARW ; 3FR ; DCR ; ORF ; RW2 ; RAW ; PEF ; RAF ; PSD

Can I trust filterpixel with my data or images?

FilterPixel is GDPR and CCPA Compliant.

We do not upload your original images anywhere and we have no intention or the right to distribute, sell or share your data. Read our privacy policy here.

How much does FilterPixel cost?

Your first 10,000 photos are on us, here at Filterpixel. You can take a free 14-day trial and avail it.

The pricing of Filterpixel can be found on our Pricing Page.

More questions?

We’re here whenever you need us. Contact us through our FilterPixel chat support.

You can also send us an email at [email protected] or write to us directly by joining our Facebook Community.

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