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We Support 20+ Adobe Lightroom parameters

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Craft Your Unique AI Profile: Unleash Your Creative Vision

Unleash the power of FilterPixel Edits by uploading your catalog of 5000 previously edited photos.

FilterPixel meticulously analyzes and assimilates your unique artistic style, generating a personalized profile that captures your individuality. The more images you upload, the more refined and remarkable the outcomes.


You can use Expert’s profile to edit photos

If you don’t have data to train, you can expand your possibilities by selecting from our pre-built Expert AI Profiles, expertly crafted by industry-leading photographers.

Let FilterPixel assist you in effortlessly editing your photos in the style of your choice, taking your creativity to new heights.


Effortless Photo Editing: Your Style, Automated

Discover the ultimate in simplicity, speed, and affordability with FilterPixel's AI-driven photo editing. It's as easy as submitting your photos and letting our technology do the work.

Let FilterPixel assist you in effortlessly editing your photos in the style of your choice, taking your creativity to new heights.


Enjoy your time with your family

FilterPixel slashes your editing time by 97%. Now, you can prioritize what truly matters - your family and your business. Say goodbye to endless hours spent editing and embrace more quality time with your loved ones while simultaneously growing your business.

Experience the power of FilterPixel and reclaim control over your precious moments.


Why Filterpixel


Pay Once & Enjoy Forever

Get an Unlimited Subscription, so never pay the price per image or even a monthly/yearly subscription.


Effortless Editing

No need to spend time learning or watching tutorials. Edit like a PRO in Lightroom using FP EDITS Plugin.


Lightning Fast Culling

Yes, FilterPixel is quite fast. You can Achieve stunning results by editing 2000 photos in minutes.

Loved by photographers around the world


The transformation is INSANE! I'm seriously shook at how easy and amazing it is to achieve professional-level edits.

Say goodbye to hours of editing and hello to jaw-dropping results! If you want your photos to slay like mine, try out FilterPixel ASAP!

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Your Privacy is Protected

Rest easy knowing your privacy and security are our top priorities, we never share your photos with anyone.

FilterPixel keeps you GDPR compliant, giving you full control over your data. Experience the future of personalised photo editing today! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the software before purchase?

Yes, we offer 14-day trial, you can signup & get the trial

For culling: Filterpixel Culling

For editing: Filterpixel Editing

How is FilterPixel Edits different from other editing software in the market?

FilterPixel Edits stands out as the fastest, easiest, and most affordable option available. Our efficient servers handle all the heavy lifting, ensuring your system remains free from resource strain.

Seamlessly integrated as a Lightroom plug-in, it offers unmatched convenience and a seamless editing experience. Plus, for a limited time, you can enjoy FilterPixel Edits completely free of charge. Don't miss out on this opportunity to secure a lifetime deal and take your editing to the next level.

How much does FilterPixel Editing cost?

FilterPixel culling along with Editing will be released at approximately $60/month but if you are coming through our partner, please use the discount codes on checkout to avail upto 50% discounts for the entire year. 

What is an Expert AI profile?

If you don't have photos to train your own AI, you can broaden your options by choosing from our pre-built Expert AI Profiles. These profiles have been carefully developed by industry-leading photographers, capturing their unique editing styles and techniques. With Expert AI Profiles, you can effortlessly apply these professional looks to your own photos, elevating your editing game. 

How does the FilterPixel Edits learn my style?

AI in FilterPixel learns your editing style by looking at the photos you've edited in Lightroom. It's similar to teaching a child who understands what you like and how you do things.

FilterPixel pays close attention to your editing settings and the types of photos you work on. This helps it adapt and apply your style effectively. The AI becomes familiar with your preferences, making editing feel natural and easy.

What are all the parameters taken into consideration for FP Edits?

FilterPixel takes into consideration 20+ Lightroom parameters, such as contrast, exposure, color grading, HSL, and more. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, including exciting new features like masking, to further enhance your editing experience. 

Why should I invest in FilterPixel?

FilterPixel is trusted by 7000+ photographers across the globe. But don't just believe us, see what our members have to say on Trustpilot or read more about us on Shotkit, Petapixel.

I have more questions, where can I reach out to you?

We’re here whenever you need us. Contact us through our FilterPixel chat support. You can also send us an email at support@filterpixel.com or write to us directly by joining our Facebook Community.

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