Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AutoCull?

Autocull means culling your images automatically using AI

How AutoTagging images save time?

AutoTagging automatically tags out-of-focus, unwanted blinks with errors & warnings

How AutoSelect works?

AutoSelect selects the one best photo from a set of similar photos based on composition, lighting, expressions and 20+ parameters based on your style.

How AI sliders help to pick the sharpest photos?

FilterPixel gives scores to every image. By dragging the slider, you can get the images with highest scores.

What are Key Faces?

Key Faces help you find important faces and displays them beside the images so that you can feel confident on your photos without zooming-in/out

How do you export?

You can directly take your selected photos to Lightroom with one click. You can also export it to your harddrive and can take them into any XMP supported software.