Save time for your family & business by automatically culling photos

Culling photos manually with traditional tools is tedious, time-consuming & tiring. With FilterPixel, it becomes easier, faster & smarter

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How FilterPixel Works?

FilterPixel’s Photo Culling Software saves your time by classifying technically bad photos into errors & provide smart tools to select best from good photos quickly, providing full control over your personal touch.

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Import Files Faster

Import RAW files or JPEG’s directly into the FilterPixel photo culling software & generate instant previews.

JPEG's are extracted from your Raw Files, compressed on your machine & encrypted before processing for culling, keeping your Raw Files untouched.

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Easy Automation Along With Control

Automating culling without complication.
So you can focus on the art

Everything's better face-to-face

Zooming in and out of photos is a thing of the past. Quickly reference faces in Face View, identifying errors without ever adjusting your workflow.
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Review with a brew

Process thousands of images in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. And with AI Quality Ratings and AI-driven Tags, you can make those crucial decisions faster and easier, for better peace of mind.
import photos to filterpixel culling software

Seamless Integration

Perfect your photo selection and seamlessly sync your photos with your Lightroom catalogue in one click.

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And so much more

FilterPixel is constantly evolving.
With updates rolling out every month,
here’s what you have to look forward to...

Autoselect for FilterPixel Culling Software


Cut out the busy work with Auto-Select. Our AI will instantly choose your best photos for you in a matter of seconds.

Duplicate grouping for Filterpixel culling software

Duplicate Filtering

Taking the same shot several times is good practice. Now you can easily find the best shot amongst similar ones.

Metadata Editor for FilterPixel Culling Software

Metadata Editor

A good metadata editor can’t be understated. Clean up your photo metadata with our powerful editor.

Modular Layout for FilterPixel Culling Software

Modular Layout

Why should the creativity be restricted to your photos? Compose and personalise your layout across several screens.

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