Culling photos was laborious, manual & boring for Alim Haque

Before using FilterPixel, Alim was importing all photos into Lightroom. Lightroom worked like snail in generating previews & on top of that was not smart enough to analyse photos with issues such as eye & focus quality.


FilterPixel has sped up my previously dull task with surprising accuracy. The software can detect eye quality, focus eye quality & suggest that they are rejected or provide a warning. This is a great approach as it does not take away control from me.

How We Helped

Fast Import
FilterPixel is lightning fast in generating previews. So, even without AI, it works better than lightroom and any other softwares to select RAW files. After the shoot, Alim puts all his photos into filterpixel & let the AI do all his work for few minutes.
Automate & Review
FilterPixel AI Filtering checks eye quality, focus quality & classifies images into rejects & warnings quickly. This helps Alim to spend more time on quality shots & to spend no time over the bad ones.
After reviewing & finalising selections, Alim can take only the selected photos to Lightroom for editing, hence saving time by ingesting less files into Lightroom.
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