What's new in FilterPixel 2.2.11 update? FilterPixel Neo Update.

What's new in FilterPixel 2.2.11 update? FilterPixel Neo Update.

FilterPixel has launched its latest version 2.2.11, named “Neo”, recently for Mac and Windows, and it came with major design changes and some exciting new features.

With Neo, the user experience of the app will become more friendly, and the workflow will also become more seamless for the users.

Note: For users in the FREE plan, you can now download and install the latest version and try the new update for up to 10,000 photos until April 28th.

Here are the download links:

FilterPixel 2.2.11 download for Mac

FilterPixel 2.2.11 download for Windows

Let’s go into more detail on what’s new in this update:

Bigger Full-screen view

bigger full screen view

Now appreciate the clarity and crispness of images like never before. The fullscreen view is now much larger (by at least 25%) than the previous version.

The thumbnails inside the full-screen view are now more responsive, and the active photo’s thumbnail is now more highlighted than the rest to keep better track of the user’s culling progress.

Brand New Grid view

grid view 2.2.11

FilterPixel’s grid view design has been given a total revamp. The previews are much bigger now, and the color and star rating designs have also been improved.

Brand New Sidebar

The biggest design change in this update is the sidebar.

As seen above, the culling progress bar is now shifted to a more convenient place on the top of the sidebar, making it easier for users to track how soon their photos will be culled.

time saved 2.2.11

You can also now see the time you saved using FilterPixel after every culling session is completed.

face views 2.2.11

The face-view now previews much bigger faces than before, and the export button is now present at the bottom part of the sidebar.

Seen Icon on Survey Mode

seen icon survey mode

The duplicate set that has already been reviewed by the user will be marked as ‘seen’ to avoid confusion. Say goodbye to second-guessing when reviewing any duplicate set.

AI improvements

The new AI algorithm in this update will group and select photos more accurately than the previous versions.

Overall Stability

Now breeze more quickly through your photos and identify the best shots without any lag or delay for a much faster and more efficient workflow.

Chat Support Update

FilterPixel’s chat support is back and better than ever. You can now vent about any issues you’re having with our software directly to our team. Don’t worry, we won’t take it personally

There are a couple more internal improvements that will help improve the overall performance of the software.

You can expect a lot of new features and exciting UI improvements in the upcoming updates.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests, feel free to share them with our Facebook community or email us directly at [email protected]

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