What's new in FilterPixel 1.1.0?

What's new in FilterPixel 1.1.0?

If you have not started culling with FilterPixel yet, you should read How to use FilterPixel before this article.

If you are already using our existing versions, here is some good news:

FilterPixel 1.1.0 is now released 🥳

So, what’s in the new release:

  • Fast Instant Previews of RAW files
  • AI Culling Speed 0.5X improvements
  • Manual Culling in FilterPixel is free forever
  • Intentional Closed Eyes
  • Bug Fixes

Fast Instant Previews of RAW files

In a photography group, we heard someone saying “My system is slow with Lightroom”
Lightroom still works like a snail when it comes to ingesting RAW files. Do we still have to wait around for Lightroom to finally render that next photo to cull?

Well, with our new update, you will be able to see all your previews instantaneously.

AI Culling Speed

Improvements in AI Culling Speed now automatically culls your image 0.5 X faster.
This means your culling will take 0.5 X less time than it was taking previously with FilterPixel.

Manual Culling is Free

While you get 14 days trial including 5000 photos in the trial period to use AI features, the app is now free forever. After the trial, you will be able to use the app to cull photos manually for free. Also, you can upgrade to the plan that suits your need whenever required.

Intentional Closed Eyes

We found human actions like hugs & kisses, in which the eyes are closed, so we concluded that every closed eye photo is not a bad photo. Now, we have taken a step to check hugs & kisses so that we can differentiate between intentional & non-intentional eye close photos.

You can read about our latest research regarding this here: https://filterpixel.com/blog/posts/how-filterpixel-ai-watched-50000-photos-to-learn-how-to-recognize-a-kiss-or-a-hug/index.html


We are always coming with new features & exciting performance updates to save you more culling time.

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