Top 4 Photo Culling Services for photographers in 2022

Top 4 Photo Culling Services for photographers in 2022

This article lists the top photo culling services available for photographers in 2022.

A lot of people join photography for the artistic side of the profession, but they soon realize the post-production process is not as exciting as they thought it would be.

Photo Culling is one of those reasons for post-production that make photography a stressful profession and a lot of photographers resort to solutions such as outsourcing Photo Culling services or including an AI photo culling software in their workflow

What is Photo culling?

Photo Culling is the process of going through photos and selecting the best ones and rejecting the undesired shots, which include out-of-focus shots, closed eyes shots, faces with bad expressions, etc through star rating, flagging, or color rating.

Culling portrait photos of a kidThis saves a lot of storage and only highlights the best work of the photographer. However, it can take hours depending on the number of photos.

Most photographers work with RAW files with an average size of 20-30 MB. Moreover, depending on the machine, the photo can take a long time to load and slows down the process of making a decision for culling.

To tackle this, some photographers use photo culling services to get their work done while a lot of them have shifted to AI Photo Culling software that automates their photo culling process.

Advantages of using Photo Culling services

There are dozens of advantages for photographers of using a photo culling service:

  1. Saves hours of time: For wedding photographers, culling thousands of photos can eat up a good portion of their day. Using a photo culling service can help you save the precious hours of your day that you can use according to your preference.
  2. Makes work less stressful: Sitting in front of the computer making minute decisions on which is the best photo out of 5 duplicates can be stressful for photographers. Using a photo culling service will save you from taking such decisions and help your work to be more stress-free.
  3. More productivity: With the work being delegated, you can focus on getting more clients to shoot and grow your business!
  4. More accurate results: With humans (and possibly experts) selecting and rejecting photos on the daily basis, the results are much more accurate than AI. However, the accuracy of AI is constantly improving such as detecting and accepting photos with intentionally closed eyes.

Disadvantages of using a photo culling service:

  1. High cost: In comparison to using an AI photo Culling software or a Lightroom plugin to cull photos, outsourcing to a photo-culling service is somewhat costlier as it is charged on a pay-per-photo basis.

    (Using a photo culling software with an unlimited photo plan is a relatively much cheaper option.)

  2. Less control: Since it is someone else selecting the images for you, it might be possible to miss out on a few shots that the photographer might have personally selected for their clients.
  3. More time taking: Photo Culling services have a turnaround time of at least 2-3 days minimum that can be slowed down in case of a busy season. In case of an emergency where the photographer can’t wait for 2-3 days, it might not be a good idea to go for a photo culling service.

However, AI is much faster than humans when it comes to culling and takes around 20 mins for 3000 photos which is much faster!

If you are interested in trying out a photo culling service, you can either hire a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr to do your work, or there are more professional and trustworthy photo culling services that you can try out. Some of the photo culling services that you can take a look at are:

Photo Culling Services

1) Weedit

Weedit offers a variety of photo-related services that includes photo culling, photo retouching, color enhancement, photo correction, and many more.

Weedit photos website

They accept photos through Wetransfer or dropbox. When it comes to the turnaround time for getting photos, this is what they claim on their website:

Retouchers get down to work right after our managers receive all the info on the order and reference samples. If any questions arise, managers will get in touch with you.”

In terms of pricing, weedit starts from a minimum of 0.06 USD/ image for photo culling. Returning customers can also make good use of their packages. For the rate of other services, you can check it out on their website’s pricing page.

2) Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO-certified global delivery center that specializes in outsourcing dozens of services such as data entry, software development, photo editing, and much more.

Flatworld solutions photo culling

According to their website, the turnaround time is 24-48 hours after submitting photos for editing.

In terms of pricing, photographers can ask them for bulk orders using their website.

3) Imagesalon

Imagesalon is a photography and post-production company for SMBs that is founded by photographers Davina and Daniel Kudish.

Imagesalon culling pricing

With over 70+ editors, Imagesalon offers photo culling services starting from USD 0.06/ photo along with professional photo retouching and editing.

Photographers can either also create their own profile for editing through a professional editor or choose existing Imagesalon express profiles.

4) Freedomedits

Freedomedits is a professional photo and video service that provides services such as editing, culling, and creating portfolio slideshows. They provide different packages according to the editing needs of the photographer. Culling charges depend on the number of photos and they are included in the editing packages they offer.

Freedom edits photo culling

The editing style of the photographer is learned through an onboarding call with one of the account managers from Freedomedits.

According to their website, the turnaround time for photos is 7 days for cull and editing. Add 3 more days if it is the peak season. (July to December)


Photo Culling service is a great method of saving time for photographers who want to spend more time with their cameras and not with their computers. These services are used by 1000s of photographers across the world for both culling and editing as it helps them be more productive.

These services are ideal for photographers that charge high for their business and shoot extensively, such as wedding photographers. If they don’t like the idea of giving control over their photos, they can try out other alternatives such as using an AI Photo Culling software to cull their photos automatically.

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