Smarter, Faster & Easier Photo Culling

Smarter, Faster & Easier Photo Culling

We have released FilterPixel 2.0.8 today, which provides three significant benefits in Photo Culling. The AI has improved on all three aspects Speed, Accuracy & Ease of Use.

1. Faster with Cloud:

The culling is now accelerated with Cloud GPUs, resulting in 2X more speed than the earlier versions. This is irrespective of your Machine capabilities & the rate will keep on increasing as the development of technologies in the cloud ecosystem increases.

The possibilities on the Cloud are limitless & there is no limit to how faster we can grow as we are run computations on the Cloud.

2. Smarter with Context:

The AI is now smarter with closed eyes. We are able to train the AI to understand the difference between a closed eye & the moments when the eyes are naturally closed.

For Example:
The couple is looking down while cutting the cake.

Looking down

2. Easier with Filters:

2.1 The filter is the new feature that helps you to go through the best photos quickly.

For Example:

You can Filter Out the photos with High-Quality Eyes if you are shooting Portraits, or you can use High-Focus and High-Quality Eyes if you want only the sharpest images.

Filters for reviewing photos

2.2 Now, you can see which photos the AI selects even when they have minor issues. The AI selects these because they don’t have an alternative, and you should never miss the possibility of any good photo. But now, you see an indication with a warning
“The image has minor issues but selected as there is no alternate.”

Indicator for warnings


In all, FilterPixel 2.0.8 is an AI that is faster, more accurate in detecting blinks & easier with the new feature Filters.

If you have not tried the new update, you can take the free update by opening your existing app or can download the new version of FilterPixel from here.

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