Top 20 Wedding Poses for Wedding photographers

Top 20 Wedding Poses for Wedding photographers

Posing for wedding photos should be effortless and full of fun & folly. Don’t bang your head if a few slip-ups happen. Embrace them and put on your creative glasses to turn them into the best poses!

Here are 20 wedding photo poses. Simple and beautiful and evergreen.

1. The Dress

The dress itself is a subject, don’t make the mistake of treating it as an object. Take beautiful shots of just the dress- on the lawn, the dressing room, everywhere you could think of!

2. Twirl like a princess

This is a must-do pose for the bride. Ask the bride to twirl around. The final image is dazzling and alive with movement.

3. Warm embrace

Couples frequently choose the first look to capture the emotion and joy that comes only once in a marriage. Furthermore, a first look away from the guests means fewer jitters and butterflies as you walk down the aisle!

4. Putting our heads together

A soft peck on the brow is one of the best pose pictures. During portrait photo sessions, photographers frequently request at least a few of these adorable poses.

5. Never letting go

A kiss on the cheeks is a lovely and intimate gesture of love. Body language reveals a lot about a couple, and you want to imagine how close they are.

6. Together Forever

Simply ask them to kiss each other, it’d be even better to capture the lovebirds at a sunset.

7. Cut the Cake

One of the most iconic wedding photos is cake cutting, which can be posed or candid. Capture the cheers, the laughter from everyone around!

8. Laughing together

On camera, genuine laughter always looks great. Have a list of dad jokes or really funny jokes with you- always. They are your biggest weapon.

9. The Ring Shot

Get a close-up of sliding down the rings.

10. Walking together

Ask them to gently stroll and let them talk and be completely themselves. Keep your shutter bag ready to capture these beautiful moments.

11. Dancing till the feet hurt

Ask the groom to gently lift the bride and swirl her around. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

12. The graceful dip

This is one of my favorites. Ask the groom to emulate the dip, you can even show him how to. Now let the lovebirds be as candidly passionate as they can be.

13. The PiggyBack Ride

This is goofy and very cute. This pose can be done at the end of the day after all poses have been shot. Simply because giving a piggyback ride might crease out the bride’s dress.

14. Lost in Veil

Wrap around the veil around the groom’s head as well. Such a cinematic beauty, right?

15. The majestic overview

You’d need some equipment for this- a drone or a ladder. Spread around the bride’s veil and ask the groom to gently lay on it. Simple yet poignant. Advisable to shoot this at the end of the day.

16. Left undisturbed

Ask them to just forget that there is even a camera around. Let them be themselves and a lot of moments will just shine through!

17. The Hollywood embrace

The classic pose. Filter it in B&W to give it an old Hollywood feeling.

18. Getaway

Let rom-com be your inspiration and try this out. A getaway bride!

19. Stand by me

Stand by me- Ben E King. Enough said.

20. Let’s sit it out

Marriage as equals will have a lot of sittings downs and resolving whatever life throws at you. Let’s begin to practice that already!

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. We publish content every week, that matters to our fellow photographers. You can send in what you want us to write about.

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