Culling Duplicates Using FilterPixel

Culling Duplicates Using FilterPixel

Imagine coming from a shoot & having thousands of images in front of you to cull. Most of them can be duplicates or similar images.

Obviously, you can’t keep all of them. At the same time you can’t cull all of them as well.

While you can use FilterPixel AI culling software to quickly cull all of them automatically but you still end up with a lot of good photos which are similar to each other. This is also one of the reasons of why your culling efficiency plummets.

With FilterPixel new update, it is now easy to find all these similar images and cull them in seconds to select your best shots

How FilterPixel Autogroup helps you to select faster?

After importing your photos, you can click the auto group button in the navigation bar.

Tip: By default, the autogroup button is disabled. The AI will enable the auto group button automatically once autogroups are available. This might take few seconds after your photo culling is completed.

Once the autogroup button is clicked, you will see all your similar photos grouped together in the Filmstrip view at the bottom. All the groups are separated with a line of separation.

Tip: You can skip the entire group by pressing Tab on keyboard

Line of separation-FP

Stack of cards: duplicate-images

How to select from a set of similar shots?

Here are three steps you should follow to quickly cull your duplicate or similar shots.

  1. Go to Unlabelled section in the navigation bar ( represented as triple dot inside a circle), which contains photos without any issues. These all are the good photos picked by AI.
  2. Click Autogroup button in navigation bar.

  3. To pick any photo from group of duplicates, Press P on keyboard.
  4. Press Tab and skip all other photos similar to that.

How to export your final selections?

You might want to delete all other similar photos which are not selected or you want to store them somewhere with some backup storage solutions.

With FilterPixel, You can export your selections to Lightroom or to a local hard drive on your system.

Tip: For Lightroom User, they can click export to Lightroom & can get all their selections inside Lightroom.

For Non-Lightroom users, here is how you can cull your duplicates:
1. Export all files to your hard drive by selecting Local Folder in export options as shown below.

  1. Go to your imported folder directory and you will see that FilterPixel has created a folder named FP inside it.
  2. Go to folder named Accepted inside the folder named FP to see all your selected duplicates.
  3. Backup all other folders or delete them if you don’t want to keep other files.

Export with FilterPixel


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