FilterPixel Assist: AI Culling Software gets a Significant Update!

FilterPixel Assist: AI Culling Software gets a Significant Update!

What is FilterPixel Assist?

FilterPixel Assist is the latest and exclusive invite-only feature introduced in FilterPixel 2.2.1 that is going to immensely help countless photographers who want to save time in Photo Culling through AI.

For the past year, our team has been taking feedback provided by thousands of photographers from around the world. Many Photographers (especially wedding photographers) in the industry have pointed out their problem with AI culling: the AI is not accurately picking the selections according to their preferences.

Previously, photographers have to go through all the selections made by the AI to review and make the changes (reject or select) to teach the AI their preferences. However, this process was very time-consuming and tedious.

To help photographers get the most accurate results as soon as possible, we decided to create FilterPixel Assist which is a new feature that provides a personalized culling solution within 24 to 72 hours:

How to use FilterPixel Assist?

To get started with personalized culling using FilterPixel assist, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Enable FilterPixel learning” at the bottom right of the project screen. A screen will pop-up asking for you to upload your accepted photos and rejected photos.

    FP Assist button

  2. Select the category between Weddings and portraits and upload their photos into their respective folders. For Image formats, Filterpixel supports all the leading RAW formats & JPEGs. Here is the list: NEF ; CR3 ; HEIC ; JPG ; CR2 ; DNG ; ARW ; 3FR ; DCR ; ORF ; RW2 ; RAW ; PEF ; RAF ; PSD

FP upload images for assist

Make sure you upload the photos that you previously accepted into the accepted section and the rejected (and unselected) photos into the unselected section.

We would recommend uploading at least 4000 photos but the more photos you upload, the better the accuracy of the AI will be in selecting the photos according to your preferences!

  1. Wait for the uploading process to be completed. After it is done, click on ‘Submit Now’.

FP assist, submit now image

After submitting your photos, a screen will appear saying ‘FilterPixel Assist is learning’.

FP assist is learning screen

You will soon get an email informing you about the status of your personalized model and when it will be ready for you to use. The usual time it takes to train a model is 24-72 hours depending on the number of requests we have for FilterPixel Assist.

After your FilterPixel Assist is activated. you can cull photos using AI that has learned from your past selections and rejections, making it your own personalized assistant!

Benefits of using FilterPixel Assist:

FillterPixel Assist is a game-changing feature that sets it apart from all the other Photo Culling software, and here are some reasons why you should be using it as a photographer:

  1. Higher accuracy:
    FilterPixel Assist offers higher accuracy in selecting photos as it has trained the AI specifically on your previously culled photos. This means that the AI knows your preferences and is ready to take the same parameters into account that you take while selecting photos from your newer projects.
  2. Saves your time: FilterPixel Assist saves hours by selecting photos based on your preferences by learning from your own personal data.
  3. Faster learning for AI: Unlike all the other AI Culling software, FilterPixel assist takes into your preferences of selecting photos within 24-72 hours of submitting your data and provides you a personalized AI experience.


FilterPixel 2.2.1 is one of the most significant updates within the Photo Culling software industry.

With personalized culling, the AI is going to help photographers in the most mundane part of their work by training itself from their previous culled project, thus saving HOURS of work!

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