3 simple steps to save your photo culling time

3 simple steps to save your photo culling time

In this tutorial, we will see how to use FilterPixel in three simple steps. In case you are interested to learn about all the features of FilterPixel, check out A complete guide to FilterPixel

Importing RAW files

1.1 Create a project by clicking + button

1.2 Drag/Drop the folder containing RAW files

1.3 Name your project & click start

Smart Panel: Checking photos without any issues

2.1 Go to Unlabelled View inside Smart Panel [ The unlabelled View contains photos without any issues ]

2.2 Drag the sliders to narrow down to the number of photos you want.

2.3 Click the Select All button, Press ā€œPā€ & move to accepted images.

2.4 Finalise your accepted images using the same Lightroom key shortcuts

Export to Lightroom

3.1 Click on the Export button on the top right to export to Lightroom

3.2 Or Use the Export tab to export to your local drive


Hope you find these three simple steps effective to improve your photo culling workflow:
Import RAW files faster, Automate the selections & Export faster to Lightroom.

If you want to learn the benefits & features of FilterPixel, please check the complete guide to FilterPixel

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