15 Best Poses for Men

15 Best Poses for Men

Assuming you have read our blog article on how to take the best photos in a golden hour for your family photography journey from our Ultimate Guide for Family Photographers, it is now time to move on to the next piece- posing men.

This guide to male poses will help you whether you’re photographing a male model or just a shy guy having his first portrait photography session.

As a photographer, you need to emphasize your male subject’s masculinity and sometimes you just need to create more natural-looking photography poses. In any case, having a few go-to modeling poses for male subjects under your belt is a great idea for inspiration and confidence while directing.

1. Where should I place my hands?

There are four places to remember (mixed in any combination utilizing both hands).

1. By the side, loosely.

2. On one’s hips.

3. In your pockets.

4. Cross both hands across the chest.

Furthermore, hands should always be relaxed, with no muscle pressure.

Credits: Pexels

2. A walk

Allow your model to walk casually toward the camera while looking in different directions.

3. The Lean

This is an excellent pose for a male photoshoot because it produces natural, relaxed-looking images. Make the model lean against a wall, a railing, or anything else you want. For a more casual look, have the model lift one of their legs and place their foot against the object they are leaning against.

4. Jacket worn over the shoulders

This is a classic pose for a polished and assured appearance. For a classic portrait, ask your model to relax slightly with their jacket slung over their shoulder. To make the photo even more appealing, roll up the shirt sleeves and add a cool pair of glares.

5. Arms Crossed

Here’s another simple pose for inexperienced models. It’s as simple as crossing your arms. This is potentially one of the best male model poses.

6. Hand Clasped

The Clasping Hands pose adds a sense of humility and approachability to your portraits. This shot is usually taken with the model’s elbows on his knees, but it can also be taken with the elbows close to the body.

Also, if you’re going for detail shots, this is a great pose for getting a close-up of his hands and/or drawing attention to any jewelry or tattoos he may have.

(This seated pose can be performed with or without a chair.)

7. Counterpose

This is a natural-looking, relaxed pose. It’s sometimes known as a “Contrapposto” pose. Just make your model relax spontaneously. This posing technique for male models will always look unique because every male poses differently.

8. Soft look away

This is a popular male model pose in the fashion industry. Ask your model to look away at some object. If nothing is interesting around, create some scenarios for him to think about.

9. The stairs

Stairs are perfect for capturing portraits as they allow different perspectives. Have your model sit on one of the stairs and place his feet on two different steps. You can try several variations of this pose. For example, you can ask the model to rest one of his hands on the thigh as shown in this photo.

10. Adjusting the wardrobe

For this pose, you can ask your model to do subtle adjustments. You can have him fix his tie, pop his collar, touch his hat or watch or button his shirt as shown above. Play around with this pose to see what works best for you.

11. Sitting relaxed

This is one of the most comfortable poses for beginners. Have your model sit down on the ground with one knee crossed while keeping the other one straight.

12. The Hair swipe

Have your model run his fingers through his hair for a relaxed, spontaneous pose. You can also try a different variation by asking him to move his arm down and place his hand on the back of his neck for a similar yet distinct pose.

13. The Squat

Try having them squat for a more unusual male model pose. This pose is usually done with a bit of attitude, but the model can also go for thoughtfulness or joy.

Pay close attention to the background in your shot with this pose, as it will be more visible in this stance than in others.

14. Touch the Face or Neck

Placing one’s hand on one’s chin can elicit thoughtfulness or introspection. It can also be used to emphasize intensity or to show a poker face.

Depending on the facial expression, placing one’s hand on the back of the neck can create a sultry look or make an image appear more candid.

15. Tilted Head

This is one of the most popular but difficult male poses because it requires tilting the head but not turning the body. The camera zooms in on the model, who must tilt her head in the opposite direction. It’s common in magazine model poses, with the man’s face frequently lit from the side.

If the male model blinks a lot, ask him to be ready before you take a shot so you can get a good photo with his eyes open. Alternatively, ask him to close his eyes for a peaceful expression, as seen in the image above, where the photographer has most likely instructed his subject to relax and ignore the camera.

You can try tilting the head a little more to get a better view a good perspective. Some angles will make the nose appear larger, while others will make it appear sharper. The same is true for the chin and cheeks, so take your time to find your ideal pose.

General Tips On Male Models Photos Poses

Closeness to the camera:

Any object that is closer to the camera appears larger. Keep this in mind as you take photographs. This will assist you in emphasizing specific features that may be important in achieving the ideal look for a male portrait.

For example, in male portraits, it is common to highlight the torso or chest as it makes the portrait look more masculine. This control over the proximity to the camera will allow some flexibility with regards to the poses and will help you bring any alterations that you might deem fit.


A longer lens can make an object appear smaller, while a shorter lens can increase the depth of the image. So try out different lenses to see which one will help you achieve your goals.

Once you’ve decided on a lens, plan the male model’s photoshoot pose accordingly. Doing so ahead of time will also help you save time.


As a photographer, it is critical to guide your subject in terms of poses while also photographing him quickly. If you don’t like a particular pose, simply tell your model to change it and how exactly they should change it.

At the same time, they continue to take photographs. Don’t give up! You never know which pose you’ll like or what will work. You don’t want to spend several minutes on each pose, getting every detail just right. This will only waste time and make the pose appear unnatural and almost fake.


When working with male models, keep in mind that they, too, are humans who actively feel during the shoot. They are not passive objects that will simply lay where you place them.

You must empathize with them and be aware of their insecurities. Yes! Insecurity affects more than just women. For example, if a male model is bald, he may be self-conscious about showing his head in photographs.

It is your job as a photographer to highlight the good features while minimizing or concealing any that are unflattering or that the model is not comfortable exposing.


Remember that engaging with your subject is the key to eliciting the most natural poses during your photoshoot.

On the one hand, you will need to guide and direct your subject to some extent, but after that, it is critical to interact naturally to get the guy to relax. I hope these male model poses inspired you to try something new.

After you have mastered taking portraits during the golden hour, make sure to check out our next blog on “Dos and Dont’s of Family Photography” from our Ultimate Guide for Family Photographers.

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